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Acoustic Fencing. Poly-Tek Residential Fencing. Poly-Tek Commercial Fencing – Estate & Roadside. Poly-Tek Commercial Fencing. U Beam Installation. Plywood Roadside Fence. Poly-Tek’s Commercial Fencing Range includes Plywood Sandwich Panel system - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Acoustic FencingPoly-Tek Residential FencingPoly-Tek Commercial Fencing Estate & Roadside

  • Poly-Tek Commercial Fencing Poly-Teks Commercial Fencing Range includes Plywood Sandwich Panel system FC Sandwich Panel systemMgO Sandwich Panel System* All available in modern Render effect aesthetics or as an uncoated option.

    The FC Panels meet acoustic requirements and the Plywood & MgO Fences meet all TMR Main Roads specifications (MRTS15) inc acoustics, weight & strength, impact and are suitable for up to Wind Region D. They are also QR (Queensland Rail) approved.

    Poly-Tek Commercial Fencing is significantly cheaper than other acoustic fence alternatives. U Beam Installation Plywood Roadside Fence

  • Poly-Tek Commercial FencingPoly-Tek Commercial Fencing is ideally suited to

    Estate Perimeter Fencing for new Subdivisions

    Roadside noise abatement & impact fence requirements

    Temporary noise solutions for construction projects such as roads & tunnels

    Noise walls for the mining, energy & utilities industries

  • Poly-Tek Residential Fencing Poly-Tek Residential Fencing offers modern aesthetics, privacy and acoustic solutions.

    Available in a Pre Rendered Finish or as an Uncoated option (that you can paint over with a textured paint)

    Most residential fencing is 1.8m high which can be made up of 3 x 600 high panels or the more economical option of 2 x 900 high panels.

    All Panels are supplied in standard 2400 lengths are are cut back to suit on site, if required.

    An affordable way to add thousands of dollars to your homes value.

  • Contact Poly-Tek now to start saving $$$$$ on your next project requiring Acoustic Fencing.

    Ph 07 3715 6800



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