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Acorn Engineering security fixtures, including Penal Water, Dura Ware, and Replace Ware. Acorn Engineering Company manufactures plumbing fixtures, products and systems for institutional and commercial markets. For more information, please visit



2. PENAL-WARE 3. 4. TYPICAL PIPE CHASE - Manifolded Capabilities 5. AIR CONTROL VALVE Internal Check Stop 6. COMBY Toilet/Basin Combination 7. TOILET ORIENTATION -CT Center -AL Angled Left -AR Angled Left -LO Left Offset -RO Right Offset Orientation is always relative to the userstanding in front of the fixture 8. Penal-Ware Mostly Rear Mounted Rear Front 1432 Rear Access 1432 Front Access

  • Limits vandalism
  • Keeps servicing personal safe from dangerous inmates

9. Comby Toilet/Lavy Variety Toilet Config -3 -2 -1 DESCRIPTION MODEL 15 wide Economic Comby 18 wide Suicide Resist. Comby 37-1/2 wide Comby 35 wide Comby Compact ADA Comby 28 wide Comby 26 wide Comby 20 wide Comby w/Rectangular Bowl Lavy 20 wide 18 wide Comby w/Multi-Sided Bowl Lavy 18 wide Comby 15 wide Comby CT. AL. AR RM RM 1440 CT, AL RM RM 1485 AL, AR, LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM 1437 LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM 1435 AL, AR RM/FM RM/FM RM 1432 AL, AR, LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM RM 1428 AL, AR, LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM RM 1426 AL, AR, LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM RM 1420LRB AL, AR, LO, RO RM/FM RM/FM RM 1420 CT, AL, AR RM/FM RM/FM RM 1418LMB CT, AL, AR RM/FM RM/FM RM 1418 CT, AL, AR RM RM RM 1415 10. 1415 15" wide Comby -CT -AL Also available in: -AR 11. 1418 -CT -AL -LMB-CT -LMB-AL 18" wide Comby Also available in AR and -FA Front Access 12. 1420 20" wide Comby -LO -AL -LRB-LO -LRB-AL Also available in AR, -RO and -FA Front Access 13. 1426 Also available in: -AL, -AR, -LO, -RO and FA Front Access 26" wide Comby -LO 14. 1428 Also available in: -AL, -AR, -RO, and FA Front Access -RO Non-ADA Handicap Comby 15. 1432 Compact ADA Comby Also available in: -AL and FA Front Access -AL 16. 1435 ADA Compliant Comby 35" Basin Width Also available in: -RO and FA Front Access -LO 17. 1437 ADA Compliant Comby 37-1/2" Basin Width -AL -LO Also available in: -AR, -RO and FA Front Access 18. 1440

  • Rounded Toilet Housing to the Floor
  • Rounded Cabinet with Large D Basin
  • Rounded Bubbler & Pushbutton

Suicide ResistantComby -AR Also available in: -AL, -CT 19. 1485 -CT -AL 15" Economic Comby Also available in: -AR 20. 1686ADA & 1652ADA Suggested SeparateUnit Combination 21. 1688ADA & 1654ADA Suggested SeparateUnit Combination 22. TOILETS 23. TOILETS SIPHON JET BLOWOUT JET WALLOUTLET FLOOR OUTLET 24. TOILETS 1675 1680 25. SQUAT TOILET 1698 26. DETOX TOILET 1699-W-3 27. SERVICE SINKS& DRINKING FOUNTAINS 1640 28. SERVICE SINKS LAVS& DRINKING FOUNTAINS -BPPenal Bubbler -DMSPenal Deck Mounted Spout 29. LAVATORY BOWL MODELS OVAL MULTI-SIDED RECTANGLE 30. STAINLESS STEELMOP SINKS 1630Shown 1630 Mop Sink24" x 24" x 10" Deep 1636 Mop Sink 36" x 24" x 10" Deep 31. URINALS 1700 Series 1705 Series 32. SHOWERS 33. SHOWERS 1736-ADA-A Recently redesigned ADA Shower Cabinet 34. Penal Pak Wall Mounted Shower 35. 1741ADA ADA COMPLIANT 36. BUBBLERS -BPPenal Bubbler-LFLavatory Filler -BCCode Bubbler 37. CONICALSHOWERHEAD -CSH HEMISPHERICAL PENAL BUBBLER -BPH 38. LAVATORY WASTE OPTION 39. P-TRAP -PT 40. TOILET WASTE CONNECTION CO-1 41. WALL SLEEVE -SW 42. PAPER HOLDER OPTION -PH 43. COMBINED WASTE OPTION -CW 44. 3 WASTE OUTLET - WO3 45. IDEAL USE OF WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - EVS Master-Trolis a electronic water management software system used to regulate water usage, provide complete control over the use of water fixtures in a facility and provide reports on water consumption. 46. DURA-WARE 47. What is Dura-Ware? Acorns Dura-Ware plumbing fixtures are designed to be front-mounted on a finished wall and are just what the name implies durable.

  • Application for schools, stadiums, parks, restaurants, commercial washrooms, factories, etc.
  • Dura-Ware fixtures will not corrode, are unbreakable, difficult to dent or deform and are impervious to thermal shock
  • Constructed of a heavy gage stainless steel

48. DURA-WARE TOILETS 2100 2110 49. Meridian SeriesToilets & Urinals 2141 2140 2155 - HP High PolishedSatin Finish (Standard)Satin Finish(Standard) 50. DURA-WARE LAVATORIES STADIUM LAVATORIES Model #1950 51. CLASSROOM SINKS 1900Shown Model 190015" Self Rimming Classroom Sink Model 1901 17" Self Rimming Classroom Sink 52. DRINKING FOUNTAINS Model #2010 53. DRINKING FOUNTAINS-ADA Compliant Model #2020 Model #2030 54. DURA-WARE URINALS 2160 2165 55. WATER SAVING URINALS 2158 High Efficiency Urinal 2159 Waterless Urinal 56. 57. REPLACE-WARE Units to meet existing rough-in requirements 58. Example of aReplace-Ware Application Before After 59. REPLACE-WARE LAVATORIES Before After 60. REPLACE-WARE TOILETS Amstan Crane Eljer Kohler Instanto2512 Rapidway 3-460 Tacoma111-0355 Stratton K-4450-ET Walbol A-300 Instanto 2511 & 2513 Rapidway 3-462 & 3-464 Tacoma 111-0365 Sifton K-4460-ER Suffield K-4475-ER 3331-T Top Supply 3331-W Wall Supply MFR. Aluminum PlbgFixture Corp. (Super Secur) 61. 3315 Series OLD ALUMINIUM COMBY 62. COMBY REPLACES CHINA LAVATORY AND TOILET 3318 Series 63. LAV-TOILET COMBY ROUGH-INS