ACES Medical - Does it make sense to convert to a PCMH?

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<ol><li> 1. CONVERT TO A PCMH? Improved Patient Care888-239-7941 A team is responsible for the whole patient, not just certain body parts. PCMHs take a patient-centric view and arrange for care with other providers as needed because a PCMH promotes putting the needs of patient first. WWW.ACESMEDICAL.COM </li><li> 2. CONVERT TO A PCMH? Increased Patient Satisfaction888-239-7941 As patients feel that they are being better taken care of, their satisfaction increases. As providers implement EHRs and electronic communication portals, patients are able to connect more at their convenience. Patients who start taking an active approach to their health, may start asking preventative care questions.WWW.ACESMEDICAL.COM </li><li> 3. CONVERT TO A PCMH? Incentive Payments888-239-7941 There are some public and private incentive programs that reward practices that convert to a PCMH. Visit your states website as well as private insurers and ask about their incentive programs prior to deciding whether to move forward with the PCMH model. WWW.ACESMEDICAL.COM </li><li> 4. ACES MEDICAL FOR MORE VIDEOS BY ACES MEDICAL, PLEASE VISIT: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/ACESMEDICAL888-239-7941WWW.ACESMEDICAL.COM</li></ol>