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  • Accounting 410

    Advanced Accounting

    Spring Semester 2017

    REVISED Syllabus

    Meeting Time: Section 1: 3:00 4:15 p.m. (MBEB 1208)

    Section 2: 4:30 5:45 p.m. (MBEB 1208)

    Instructor: Paul Bahnson

    office MBEB 3253

    office hours T,W,Th 1:00 2:30 pm and by appointment.

    office phone 426-2190


    Required Text: Custom version of Hoyles Advanced Accounting (12th Edition,


    Course Objective: This course covers two important financial reporting topics that are not

    included in the other financial accounting courses. While the focus of the course will be on the

    mechanics of GAAP, time will be spent discussing accounting concepts, problem areas in GAAP

    and those practices that are likely to become GAAP in the near future.

    At the end of this course, you will be familiar with the financial reporting issues associated with:

    consolidated financial statements

    governmental accounting

    COBE Core Objectives Met in This Course:

    1. Understand and apply analytical and disciplinary concepts and methods related to accounting

    2.1. Communicate effectively: Write messages and documents that are clear, concise, and


    3. Solve problems, including unstructured problems, related to business and economics

    Examinations and Grading: Your grade in the course will be determined by your performance

    on three exams, two homework assignments and your class preparation. The weight given to

    each requirement is as follows:

    total points

    Exams (3 @ 100 points each) 400

    Worksheet assignments (2 @ 25 each) 50

    Preparation 50

    Total 500

    Your grade will be determined based on your performance relative to the other students in the

    class (i.e., curved). Exams will consist of problems and short answer/essay questions. The exam

    dates are listed on the schedule.

    Worksheet assignments: These two assignments involve your building EXCEL worksheet

    solutions for consolidation problems. These assignments will reinforce the role of the

    consolidation worksheet and give you practice working with EXCEL.

  • Preparation (Homework, Attendance and Participation): Accounting is a practice-oriented

    discipline, and a much higher quality of learning occurs when concepts are applied as working

    examples. The attached homework schedule indicates exercises and problems that will be

    reviewed in class on the days indicated. You will be asked to demonstrate your preparation

    during class time by answering questions that are posed about these assignments. Fifty points

    are possible. Missing classes when you are called on for a response or being unprepared will

    result in deductions when the preparation scores are determined at semester end. Being prepared

    but having incorrect answers will not result in deductions. Each of you is allowed one free day,

    when you can opt out of participating. However, you must notify me prior to the start of class

    that you are using your free day.

    Access to Course Materials: Class notes are available in the form of PowerPoint slides. These

    slides are arranged by chapter and will be available on the course Blackboard site. In addition to

    the course notes, solutions to the homework assignments and other course materials will also be

    posted. Chapter solutions are made available on the day we complete our coverage of the

    particular chapter.

    Makeup Exams: Makeup exams will be given when special circumstances make them

    necessary. It is up to you to get permission to take a makeup exam prior to the scheduled exam

    time. Missing an exam without prior approval will result in a score of zero for that exam.

    Academic Dishonesty: Cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any student found cheating

    or plagiarizing will be dismissed from class and given an F grade.

    Drop Policy: In accordance with the policy of the University, you will not be able to drop this

    course after October 27, 2017 without the permission of the Associate Dean.

  • REVISED Course Schedule

    Date Day Chapter Assignments

    Aug 22 T Intro/1 P16 DQ4,10

    24 TH 1 P20, 29

    29 T 1/2 P33 Ch. 2P2,10,20,21

    31 TH 2 P 11,19,25,30

    Sep 5 T 2 P6, 32

    7 TH 3 P20 (incl. X* and Y*) DQ109

    12 T 3 P19, 26

    14 TH 3 P34

    19 T Exam 1


    26 T 4 P28, 29

    28 TH 4 P26, 30 DQ175

    Oct 3 T 5 P17 DQ206 DQ 222


    10 T 5 P26

    12 TH Exam 2

    17 T 6 P24, 29(a,b) DQ 265

    19 TH 6 P26, 30, 33

    24 T 6 P37, 40

    26 TH 7 P16

    31 T 7 P21, 24(incl. x*)

    Nov 2 TH 7 P18

    7 T Exam 3

    9 TH 16

    14 T 16

    16 TH 16

    21 T Thanksgiving vacationno class

    23 TH Thanksgiving vacationno class

    28 T 17

    30 TH 17

    Dec 5 T 17

    7 TH 17

    12 T Section 1 Final Exam: 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

    14 TH Section 2 Final Exam: 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

    Reading assignment includes appendix.

    * supplemental parts of problem described in PowerPoint slides.


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