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ACCT 304 Intermediate Accounting


ACCT 304 Intermediate Accounting Wk4 Midterm Any Inormation or Any !lass "hich you #id not $nd on %ur "ebsite & 'ust (it )*+mail %n below address+mail Address: hworkbank, %ur "ebsite : 304 Intermediate Accounting Wk4 Midterm1. Question: (TCO 1) The SEC issues accounting standards in the form of:2. Question: (TCO2) The FASBs conce!tua" frame#or$s %ua"itati&e characteristics of accounting information inc"ude:'. Question: (TCO 2) The conce!tua" frame#or$s recognition and measurement conce!ts recogni(e #hich of the fo""o#ing as a !rinci!"e) rather than an assum!tion*+. Question: (TCO 2) The assum!tion that in the a,sence of contrar- information a ,usiness entit- #i"" continue indefinite"- is the:.. Question: (TCO ') /01 Cor!oration recei&es 2133)333 from in&estors for issuing them shares of its stoc$. /01s 4ourna" entr- to record this transaction #ou"d inc"ude a:5. Question: (TCO ') 6ecording re&enue earned) ,ut not -et co""ected) from a customer is an e7am!"e of:8. Question: (TCO +) Accrued e7!enses:9. Question: (TCO ') Cost of goods so"d is::. Question: (TCO ') ;hen an em!"o-er ma$es an end


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