accommodations: preparing for 2014 david haugen, m.p.n.a

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Accommodations: Preparing for 2014 David Haugen, M.P.N.A.

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  • Accommodations: Preparing for 2014 David Haugen, M.P.N.A.
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  • Objectives of Presentation: 1. Overview of new process for CBT Accommodations 2. Accommodations available with CBT 3. Steps to take for candidates seeking accommodations 4. New forms/guidelines for CBT 5. 2002 Test Closeout and Accommodations Accommodations and CBT 2
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  • 1) Accommodation requests sent from candidate, test center, or field directly to GED Testing Service via fax or mail. 2) GED Testing Service emails candidates once decision has been reached (within 30 days) 3) Candidate is instructed to call GED Accommodations to discuss decision and review options. 4) Candidate proceeds with scheduling (Pearson VUE Accommodated Scheduling Team). Overview of New Process 3
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  • GED Testing Service/Pearson VUE ensures appropriate accommodations are in place at test centers (i.e. extra time or break built into specific test- takers exam). A reader or scribe/recorder would be arranged by Pearson VUE Accommodated Schedulers to be at the test center for an accommodated exam. Candidates can register for as many or as few test modules as they would like at a time. Overview of New Process 4
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  • Most accommodations that are available on PBT will be available on CBT, including: Extra time (25%, 50%, or 100%) Extra breaks (stop-the-clock breaks) Separate room Human reader and/or scribe Calculator Talking calculator The audiocassette cannot be used with the CBT Accommodations for PBT vs. CBT 5
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  • Development towards screen-reading capability (e.g., JAWS) (updates will occur closer to 2014) Test-Takers may adjust the font size to up to 20 point font with a general small, medium and large settings (no request process). Color/Contrast options available for test-takers without approval. 10 settings Special equipment (basic screen magnifier, ergonomic keyboard/mouse, etc.). Accommodations for CBT Test 2014 6
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  • 1. Create an account for computer based testing by visiting or calling (877) 392-6433 2. Once an account is created, candidates receive an email instructing them to create a username and password to begin their registration process through clicking on the active link. 3. Complete the GED Testing Service Registration form and indicate you are applying for accommodations on the exam. 4. Review the email from GED Testing Service that provides the mailing address and/or fax for submitting your request. Process for Candidates Seeking Accommodations 7
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  • 5. Mail or fax your accommodation request and all of the supporting documentation to the appropriate location. 6.. Receive notification via email within 30 days once an accommodations decision has been reached by GED Testing Service 7.. Follow instructions in the decision email to contact an Accommodations Coordinator at GED Testing Service to discuss your request. 8. After you hear of the decision, you may appeal, send in more information or schedule your accommodated exam, depending upon the specific circumstances. Process for Candidates Seeking Accommodations 8
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  • Dear CANDIDATE, Thanks for your interest in the GED testyour opportunity to achieve greater things through education. You indicated that, due to a documented disability or disorder, you need to request GED testing accommodations for example, extra time, extra breaks, private room, or an audio test which means that you will need to complete an accommodations request form and provide supporting documentation. Click hereClick here for more information and to print an Accommodations Request Form. Make sure to review the documentation guidelines for candidates and provide the appropriate documentation guidelines to your evaluator/diagnostician. The documentation guidelines will assist you and your evaluator/diagnostician in determining what documentation is necessary to provide. After you and your evaluator/diagnostician have completed the appropriate form, you will need to submit your request for review. Please fax your completed accommodations request form and all supporting documentation to GED Testing Service for review. Fax: 202-464-4894 Once received by GED Testing Service you will be notified of the review outcome and any appropriate next steps via email within 30 days. Please note that you will not be able to schedule an accommodated exam unless you have been approved by GED Testing Service for testing accommodations. However, you are always welcome to schedule a non- accommodated exam by calling: (877) 392-6433. If you have any questions, please contact GED Testing Service via email at [email protected] Example of Event Based Email 9
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  • Accommodations Decision Email 13 Date: 2/1/2013 Candidate Name: Dave Haugen Status:Approval Exam TypeComputer Accommodations Approved Extended Time: Standard Time + 25% Supervised Breaks: 30 minutes testing/5 minutes Break Testing in a private room or reduced-distraction room If you would like to schedule your exam with the accommodation(s) listed above, please call the Accommodations Scheduling Office at 800-466-0450 to schedule your accommodated exam. Yours Sincerely, GED Testing Service Accommodations Team
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  • Candidates may not schedule their CBT exam if their accommodations request is pending. If selecting yes on accommodations question (registration form) candidates will be routed to an exceptions queue. If a candidate changes their mind about applying for accommodations, or marks it incorrectly, they will need to call or email: [email protected] [email protected] Candidates can schedule for one, two or as many tests at time, as hours permit at the test center. Accommodations Scheduling 14
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  • Scheduling of a Reader, Recorder, or Private Room may take up to 10 business days to arrange. If candidates are approved in current state/jurisdiction, their approvals will transfer to CBT if approval was within 12 months. Accommodation extensions are available for CBT testers, and are routed to GED Testing Service as similar to other requests. Accommodations Scheduling 15
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  • 1)Recommends that candidates have their request/documentation reviewed at the local level. 2)Release of Information built into form to allow for faster involvement from any advocates. 3)New forms will ask if previous accommodations received and/or on the paper based test. 4)Directions instruct candidates to register online and follow the process of CBT accommodations. 5) CBT specific forms and guidelines will be available on the GED Testing Service accommodations page CBT Accommodation Request Forms 16
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  • A large uptick in test-takers, including those seeking accommodations. November 1 st Deadline all requests received and approved from GED Testing Service. Be prepared for migration from PBT to CBT if scheduling, logistics prove challenging for test-taker. If candidate is approved for PBT and pursuing CBT, alert Administrators or GEDTS to transfer approval. Managing the PBT/CBT Tracks 17
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  • Accommodations are approved for one year of the decision date (extension forms are possible after a year if the documentation is still current). Candidates can always appeal an accommodations decision. It is recommended that more documentation is submitted, if possible. Accommodation requests may take up to thirty days or longer in some circumstances for a decision from GED Testing Service. Review of Accommodations Policies 18
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  • Currency Requirements for Accommodation Requests: Learning and Cognitive Disabilities < 5 years Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder < 3 years Emotional/Psych/Psychiatric Disorder < 1 year Physical/Chronic Health Disability < 1 year Intellectual Disability < 5 years If unsure if documentation is too dated, send in the information for formal review. Review of Documentation Guidelines 19
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  • Ensure that a comprehensive achievement test battery administered (WRAT-IV used in conjunction with other tests). Make sure test battery approved by GED Testing Service and is listed on request form. Include all tests administered in age-based standard score format. If limited reports available, letters from advocates, instructors, past IEPs may be helpful to submit. Review of Documentation Guidelines 20
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  • Make sure that documentation is included with the request and all sections of the request form are complete. Recommend test-takers bring appropriate documentation guidelines if visiting their evaluator/physician/psychiatrist for accommodations. Stress the importance of having a qualified evaluator (i.e. not an M.D. for learning disability). Factors to Keep in Mind if Assisting Test- takers with Applying for Accommodations 21
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  • GED Testing Service committed to working with administrators and the field to find best practices for the accommodations process. Test-takers approved in 2013 (mid-year) and do not complete 2002 series, will have approval carry into 2014 assessment. Anticipate regular enhancements and updates to accessibility features with the computer based test. Accommodations in 2014 and Beyond 22
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  • Questions? 23
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  • Accommodations Directory 24 Fax for all GED Requests: (202) 464-4894 GED Accommodation Inquiries: (877) 392-6433 Option 4 GED Testing Service Call Center: (877) 392-6433 Accommodations Scheduling/Exceptions: (800) 466-0450 [email protected] (Inquiries and communication with candidates, scheduling, etc.)