Accelerating Innovation Through Enterprise Mobility

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<ol><li> 1. 12015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al SAMSUNGBUSINESSSERVICES RobinBienfait Execu0veVicePresidentandChiefEnterpriseInnova0onOcer May3,2015 Accelera'ngInnova'on ThroughEnterpriseMobility </li><li> 2. 22015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al Agenda Compe0ngObjec0vesintheEnterprise OpenDiscussion 1 2 3 4 5 TheStruggleBetweenSecurityandInnova0on SamsungServices Innova0onDevelopingaMobilityStrategy </li><li> 3. 32015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al EmployeesCxO IT Management I need our employees to be competitive, and equipped to do more and do it faster so they can drive growth for our company. I want phones that are secure, manageable, and easy to integrate into my existing network. I want the latest technology and applications in the hands of my team. I just want a phone I can easily use for both my personal and professional life. Compe0ngObjec0ves </li><li> 4. 42015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al CommonViewofSecurityandInnova0on Security Innova0on </li><li> 5. 552015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al Source: Adapted from Gartner Hype Cycle for Mobile Applications and Development, 2014 MobileSecurityLandscapeforCompe00onandPartners </li><li> 6. 62015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al GeRngItRight Security Innova0on Customers $ </li><li> 7. Simplify Stabilizethe environment Secure and manage enterprise devices Support BYOD and COPE Innovate Purpose-built applica;ons Foster collaboration Increase productivity Reduce costs Transform Redenebusiness withmobility Enable an always on, customer- driven business model Connect Mobilizeenterprise applica;ons Provide secure mobile access to corporate resources StepstoInnova0onandTransforma0on 72015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al </li><li> 8. 882015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al StrategicRoadmap:TimelineforMobility Transform Drivers Consolidate mobile and tethered endpoint devices into single I&amp;O organization. Integrate mobile strategy into IT strategy, work processes, and policies to align investments with transformative business goals. Use new technologies and new applications to enable new business models. New generation Z of users demand multichannel, multimedia interface designs. Source: Adapted from Gartner Strategic Roadmap, May 2014 Connect Provide secure mobile access to corporate resources and personnel with proven technologies (EFSS, Secure Voice). Develop applications to make data otherwise locked in the enterprise available to appropriate end users. Ensure applications are developed for applicable end-user devices and use cases Desire/Need to produce tangilble return on technology investment. Connect to business outcomes through existing technologies. Legal and regulatory compliance. Drivers Simplify Stablize the environment with mobile management services. Ensure reliable and consistent levels of service and support. Review security policies and architecture, including both BYOD and COPE. Develop a mobile app integration architecture. Establish a mobility center of excellence. Centralize decision making. Manage growth in number and types of mobile devices, uses, policies, and demands. Mitigate increasing costs and security concerns/risks. Mobility exposes outdated planning, design, budgeting and support practices. Drivers </li><li> 9. 92015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al Samsung Business Services offers a comprehensive suite of services to fully support the enterprise mobile ecosystem Mobile Management Services EMM Platform Services EMM License Sourcing Device Provisioning Technical Support Services Flexible Technical Core Service Options Senior Engineer Tech-to-Site Health Check Extended Warranty/ Accidental Damage * Included in Comprehensive Mobile Security Assessment, may be contracted separately Application Support Services Application Development and Migration Application Development Consulting and Training Enterprise File Synch &amp; Share Secure Voice Security Services Mobile Security Policy Review* Mobile Security Architecture Review* Comprehensive Mobile Security Assessment HowSamsungCanHelp </li><li> 10. 102015SamsungElectronicsAmerica-Conden;al FinalThoughts Sources: Adapted from Gartner Hype Cycle for Mobile Applications and Development, 2014 and Gartner Strategic Roadmap, May 2014 Mobile device platforms benefit from a security architecture that is superior to desktop operating systems with respect to malware resistance and data exposure. The risk of data siphoning by users is a much more serious threat to the business than malware currently is. IT organizations should rationalize security approaches, matching application access to the user's context-driven identity. Containerization (isolation) of enterprise information as a formal means to isolate business from consumer environments will become a standard approach. In a bring your own device (BYOD) program, with no management over the device configuration, choose devices with strong native controls over devices lacking adequate controls or with security settings that can be disabled by users. Adoption of mobile applications often requires changes to business processes as well as integration with systems in the back end to support the new processes. Plan accordingly. These challenges are forcing organizations to look externally for service providers to help them navigate these fast- changing technologies and platforms, as well as to help them understand the implications for the business, including opportunities and risks. </li></ol>