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ACCELA Umbrella Management Platform

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Accela is Innovile's Configuration Management solution for Mobile Networks OSS (Operation Support System). Adaption to any vendor's OSS is performed in terms of node integration, parameter changes, rehoming activities and system health check functionalities such as parameter and statistics inconsistencies.


  • 1. ACCELAUmbrella Management Platform

2. Accela Web Platform Accela's Multilateral Approach I. Data Planning : New Site Data Creator for RF Planning Engineers II. Consistency Analysis : Consistency Checks for Optimisation Engineers III. Operational Support : Routine and Bulky Job Facilitator for OSS/OMC Engineers 3. Infrastructure 4. Data Planning prepares complete Cell Data Transcript in three quick steps 1. Select the site 2. Run the planning functions 3. Export XML ready to be run at OSS Major Benefits Web based, No installation required Cross browser compatibility No CPU-Memory limitations Reachable from any platform with browser support Satelite/Street/Terrain view map powered by Google Maps Plan Act Integrate Check Data Planning Overview 5. Data Planning Automated Planning Functions GSM Functions : Data Planning recommends the most suitable Neighbours BCCH, BSIC TCH and HSN WCDMA Functions: Data Planning determines the most suitable Scrambling Code Intra Frequency, Inter Frequency, Irat neighbours 6. Cell Data Planning Properties Neighbours Data Planning displays all recommended neighbours in the Neighbours segment. Map Data Planning Map search engine supports cellular network features such as SC, BSIC & BCCH, CI, CELL, SITE, RNC, BSC as well as full Google Map search features. Neighbours recommended by Data Planning, can be manually verified on Cell Planning Map segment. 7. Data Planning Map Views 8. Data Planning Module: Automates Cell Data Transcript preparation Minimises human dependent errors Prepares Data Transcript in less than 10 minutes Data Planning Benefits 9. Operational Support Overview Operational Support aims to: Process operations on bulk numbers of cells Decrease the paperwork and e-mailing time by automatically gathering the required data Automate ongoing processes between several departments Create accurate and reliable XML definitions for OSS with simple button clicks, for time consuming and frequently used network operation tasks 10. Operational Support Functionalities Integrated multi technology support, GSM and UMTS Middle Tier Planning Database for user coordination and rollback operations Site Database Export feature with different grouping levels (BSC, RNC, City, Region etc.) Neighbour Definition Export feature with different grouping levels (BSC, RNC, City, Region etc.) XML/Script creation of Bulk Neighbour Definition with Consistency support XML/Script creation of Bulk Neighbour Removal with Consistency support XML/Script creation of Bulk Parameter Update GSM Cell Recreation (BSC Rehoming) UMTS Cell Recreation (RNC Rehoming) Accela user management based on Oracle security best practices with SSL support for web security 11. Operational Support Bulk Neighbour Functions 12. Consistency Analysis Advantages Easy-to-use Inconsistency Management via web interface IIS and Oracle powered program performance Public and Private Template control for Node, Function and Workspace (All) selections Schedulable e-mail sending for selected Workspace results Extensive list of pre-defined inconsistency check functions Easy and quick addition of new functions without any interference in the working system Easy export of results to excel files Easy online tracking of results via web page Instant activation of new patches and updates without any reinstallation required Simplified Database Structure to reduce Administrators working time 13. Consistency Analysis Parameter Analysis 14. Consistency Analysis Consistency Check Dashboard 15. List of available node types List of selected node types Consistency Analysis Node Selection 16. Consistency Analysis Examples 17. Consistency Analysis Function Examples 18. Consistency Analysis User Controls Slider showing Online Users, Downloadable Exports, Accela Status and User Navigation Controls 19. For More Information +90 232 282 0265 [email protected] Visit us Contact