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Primal Force Accel contains the best bioavailable form of CoQ10 and vitamin E. Excellent for 50+.


  • For 50+

  • Back in 2004, my brother was diagnosed with atrial arrhythmia (irregular heart beat). The doctors in the hospital were professional, quick and fixed his heart beat with a defibrillator. For some years, their prescribed drugs helped and John had about 2-4 episodes per annum. As time went by, the sizing portions grew together with the frequency of the episodes. In 2007, we hit the maximum with 3 arrhythmia adventures monthly.

    The cardiologist told us, John would get the highest possible dose of his drugs.

    We were at our wits end.

  • I have searched the web for

    possible solutions making Johns arrhythmia more tolerable.

    The Universum hold my hand (my mouse) when

    I clicked on the website of a physician who at

    that time wasnt as famous as he is today:

    Dr. Al Sears.

  • It was the first time Ive heard of

    the miraculous substance CoQ10

    (coenzyme q10) And it was the

    best time possible

  • Dr. Sears writes the following.

  • Another famous US phyisican, Michael Cutler, writes the following:

    CoQ10 is the critical foundation nutrient that works

    at the cellular level to produce massive amounts of

    energy for your entire body.

    However, as you age your bodys natural level of

    CoQ10 begins to decrease and can drop by as much

    as 80 percent..

  • Dr. Cutler:

    Besides aging, this CoQ10 deficiency can be

    caused by stress, pollution and cholesterol-

    lowering statin drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor,

    Zocor, Pravachol and Mevacor.

    As a matter of fact, leading medical journal

    The Lancet states that The widespread use of

    statinscholesterol-lowering drugsis of concern

    because they lower natural levels of CoQ10.

  • Whatever the reason for it, a CoQ10 deficiency

    in your body opens the door to sickness and

    a variety of health problems. For example,

    an estimated 62 percent of people with

    cardiovascular problems are lacking in healthy

    CoQ10 levels. And your heart uses up to

    10 times more CoQ10 than any other organ

    in your body. (Dr. Cutler)

  • A 1994 study involving 2,664 heart patients over a three-month period PROVES CoQ10 can

    help end the energy crisis in your body!

    The National Institutes of Health Reports... Fluid Retention... 78% Less

    Sleep Problems... 60% Gone

    Enlarged Livers... 49% Shrunk

    Lung Sounds... 77% Improved

    Skipped Heartbeats... 75% Fewer Skin Color... 78% Improved

    Nighttime Urination... 53% Less

    Breathing Difficulties... 52% Better

    Irregular Heartbeat... 63% Reduced

  • John took ACCEL, the legendary

    CoQ10 from Primal Force, the

    brand of Dr. Al Sears for 4 years

    now. Accel contains the best

    bioavalable form of CoQ10,


    The next slide shows you, why.

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    Author: Al Sears MD

  • Before Accel

    Frequent atrial

    fibrillation and some

    inflammation (higher

    CRP level in the blood).

    Low energy.

    After Accel

    Significant decrease in

    the frequency of the

    episodes. 100% blood


    More energy, better


  • The best products

    we know

    Accel Ultimate Krill-Q

    Second level of text here

    The 2 best poducts we


    Both products are amazing.

    Dr. Al SearsAccel contains

    also vitamin E .

    Dr. Michale Cutlers CoQ10

    contains also krill oil, another

    miraculous heart health


  • What conclusions did you come to?

    Step 1

    Listen to your physician.

    Step 2

    Learn about alternatives that are good for supplementation.

    Step 3

    Get your blood tests done regularly for comparison.

    Step 4 Repeat what works for you

    CoQ10 is a supplement you

    cannot go wrong with.

    If you are over 50, consider

    taking a high quality CoQ10

    supplement 1-2 times a week

    and more after some months.

    Youll feel when you need

    more. It requires about 6

    weeks to work.


    We are happy to help you!