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In the quality and competitive world of Philippine carrageenan, our name is up there with the best




one of the largest Philippine carrageenan producerswith 25 years of proven qualityWho we are

One of the largest food-grade carrageenan producers in the Philippines with 25 years of quality production excellence under our belt ..


Our Pedigree

1990QualityServiceA heritage of production performance and excellence

We took off in 1990 as Rico Philippines Industrial Corporation .. known for consistent quality and service.


Our Pedigree


A heritage of production performance and excellence


But in 2008, the company took a bigger step into the future. It rebranded itself for innovation in an industry shaped by traditional practices. ACCEL Carrageenan would be a mover for change.


Our Pedigree

A heritage of production performance and excellence

Enhancing the tradition of excellencewith fresh approaches & customer focus

Today, ACCEL is a breath of fresh air, a fresh concept in the industry. We are keenly working on new ways to enhance the customer experience while maintaining the same heritage of excellence that has endeared us to our clients for over 25 years.


Our VisionThis is what drives us.

To revolutionize carrageenan productionand become the model of industry excellence

Our commitment to organizational development and service excellence is clear in our vision.


Our MissionThis is what our sights are fixed on.


Our priority for customer satisfaction is the essence of our mission.


Our MissionThis is what our sights are fixed on.

Quality products at competitive prices

And all our objectives zero in on our continuing quest to grow in capability and serve our clientele better:Quality products at competitive pricing


Our MissionThis is what our sights are fixed on.

A world-class team up to the challengeof quality and service

A high-performance and top-caliber work force able to rise to the challenges at hand


Our MissionThis is what our sights are fixed on.

Uncompromising integrity, honesty,and professionalism

Institutionalization of integrity, honesty, and professionalism in the company and in all levels of transactions


Our Global Reach

Achieving satisfaction all over the world

Today, ACCEL Carrageenan proudly serves a global and domestic client base whose satisfaction with and confidence in the company is our greatest strength.


Our Credentials

We live up to the standards of the world.

We earned this by building ourselves up to meet the exacting standards of the industry as evidenced by our credentials and accreditations from the most authoritative institutions.


Our Volume

1,440 metric tons annually

Every year, 1,440 metric tons of our products are shipped from our plant to the leading food corporations in the Philippines and abroad.


CellatechCellagel SeriesCellamix SeriesCellavisOur Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.


These products lend themselves extremely well to a wide variety of applications. Lets take a short look at them.


Cellagel 1000High water binding capacity.Reduce purge.Reduced cooking loss.Increase yield.Uniform product quality.Better slice-ability and freeze thaw stability.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Our Cellagel series is highly versatile.When it comes to processed meat, Cellagel 1000 delivers for a wide range of applications. Its characteristics enable high quality meat products with the desirable traits demanded by processors.


Cellagel 3000Provide a complete range of textures from soft to elastic brittle of gels.Form gel at room temperature.Contribute to gel clarity.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

For those into gels, Cellagel 3000 excels at achieving gel texture, clarity, and formation at room temperature.


Cellagel 7000Efficient in protein coagulationUsed for faster precipitation and flocculationImproves wort and beer clarityMinimizes production timeMinimizes the use of filter aidImproves shelf life (no chill haze)Requires a low dosage application

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Helping make juice, beverage, as well as beer production more rewarding, Cellagel 7000, among many others, improves clarity, body, and lengthens product shelf life.


Cellamix 2000Ideal for stabilization of dairy dessert. Reacts with milk to form a very weak gel network.Improves texture and mouth feel of the product at minimal concentration.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Then we come to Cellamix 2000. Cellamix 2000 improves the dairy dessert production experience. Its stabilization capabilities and delivery of premium mouth feel qualities make it stand out. Whether for cheese, yogurts, puddings, or whipped cream, Cellamix 2000 gets things done well.


Cellamix 8000Imparts a homogenous meltdown.Prevents precipitation of milk casein.Controls ice crystal formation.Contributes to smooth texture and creaminessContributes to overrun, ease of extrusion, and overall body of finished products.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Cellamix 8000 goes further up the dairy food chain. Ice creams and similar products get premium texture and body, ice crystal control, creaminess, among others,


Cellavis 6000Stabilizes, thickens, binds ingredient sauce. Improves noodle texture, firmness, elasticity, and increases resistance to over-cooking.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

For premium noodles suited to the nuances of modern cooking and for stand-out sauces, turn to Cellavis 6000. It is ideal as well for chocolate milk drinks, jams, and salad dressings.


Cellatech 5000Promotes uniform release of fragrance oil, increasing shelf life of air freshener gels.Improves appearance by creating stable, dry and solid textured gels.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

For air freshener gels, we bring out Cellatech 5000. The uniform release of fragrance, attractive gel appearance, plus increased product shelf life highlight its effectiveness.


Cellapaste 9000Excellent homogeneity and good texture in toothpaste.Blends and stabilizes toothpaste ingredients.Stabilizes toothpaste system to prevent water separation. Suspends abrasive to prevent settling at toothbrush base.Increases rinsing capability.

Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Cellapaste 9000 is the toothpaste dependable. Toothpaste processors get texture control, blending and stabilizing of ingredients, as well as other desired product characteristics that highlight premium quality, including superior rinsing capability.


Our Products

A line-up of world-class offerings.

Cellagel 1000

Cellagel 3000

Cellagel 7000

Cellamix 2000

Cellamix 8000

Cellavis 6000

Cellatech 5000

Cellapaste 9000

This is the ACCEL line-up .Our products speak for themselves .. and give Philippine carrageenan a good name.


Contact Us

HEAD OFFICEUnit 702 First Marcel Tower926 G. Araneta Ave.,Quezon City1104 Philippines

PLANTBlock 1 Lot 2Peoples Technology ComplexCarmona, Cavite4116 Philippinessales@accelcarrageenan.com

HEAD OFFICE+(632) 559-8206+(632) 781-5529+(632) 843-2478

So, when carrageenan comes to mind, think ACCEL. One name. One promise. One guarantee.Quality and Excellence.