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Academic Researchers. Alethea Thomas. Who are Academic Researchers?. Case (2012) describes three basic categories: Science – Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineers Social Science – Communication, Archeology, Criminology Humanities – Literature, Philosophy, Religion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Academic Researchers

Alethea ThomasAcademic Researchers1Case (2012) describes three basic categories:

Science Math, Physics, Chemistry, EngineersSocial Science Communication, Archeology, CriminologyHumanities Literature, Philosophy, ReligionWho are Academic Researchers?2Academic Researchers seek to answer questions within their fields. These questions often require conducting studies or experiments.

3What Resources do Academic Researchers use?

Personal relationships with their fellow colleagues is key4IntrapersonalSpecialized Peer Reviewed Articles / JournalsLiteraturePersonal Research / ExperienceScientists and EngineersXXXSocial SciencesXXXHumanitiesSome of the timeXXXPrimary Sources of Information5Ellis (1989) identified six core characteristics of information seeking behaviors within the three major areas of academic research.

Starting Chaining the following of referencesBrowsing noncommittal searches Differentiating judging the quality of a resourceMonitoring awareness of current publications Extracting using information of importanceVerifying*Ending*6More access to colleagues around the worldSearchable digital databasesMore access to specialized journalsMore access to literature

Niu and Hemmingers findings on the current information seeking behavior of academic researchers points to an over whelming use of bibliographic and citation databases.Impact of the Internet7With this data in mind, how do we, as information professionals, meet the needs of the Academic researcher?

8Case, D. (2012). Looking for information: A survey of research on information seeking, needs, and behavior (3rd ed). United Kingdom, Emerald.

Herman, E. (2001). End-users in academia: meeting the information needs of university researchers in an electronic age. Part 2: innovative information-accessing opportunities and the researcher: user acceptance of IT-based information resources in academia. Aslib Proceedings, 53(10), 431-457.

Niu, X. & Hemminger, B. (2010, May). National study of information seeking behavior of academic researchers in the United States. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(5), 869-890.



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