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  1. 1. The Importance to Clean HVAC Ducts Opening Day Event AIR CENTRAL OF THE CAROLINAS
  2. 2. HVAC Ducts HVAC equipment has a component where cool air circulates through a system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and ventilation screens move the cold air from the evaporating unit to the environment
  3. 3. Duct Maintenance When you are careful with the maintenance of HVAC ducts, you avoid health problems in the home or places when people work in enclosed areas. In general, the user can remove the filter and access to this area for cleaning
  4. 4. Detect Contamination To detect contamination in your HVAC ducts, you must know that in the regular maintenance check, you may find all kinds of dirt. From layers of dust, pet hair, mites to mold spores..
  5. 5. If you presume the presence of mold in the ducts, it must be determined whether this dirt is, in effect, mold. In this case, it is necessary to make contact with an expert or specialist, as microbiology laboratories should determine it. Mold proliferates, and their spores are spread through the air each time you turn on the heating or air conditioning. If you allow that these harmful agents accumulate in the air ducts, each time the system is turned on, the same detritus will be spread directly to all members of the household. The WHO, in 1982, defines the Sick Building Syndrome as a set of diseases caused or stimulated by air pollution in enclosed spaces, that it produces, in at least a 20 percent of their occupants Sick Building Syndrome
  6. 6. To clean the air ducts, you must know that many sections of your HVAC may not be visible in an inspection. It is essential to have all the information about the ducts, in case of vast spaces and more complex structures. Keep duct maps, determine where they are located; see the size of the duct lines and the number of ventilation screens. . Cleaning Ducts
  7. 7. A proper cleaning should be done from the components closest to the unit and go the farthest part of it. In long distances, it is recommended to open ventilation covers in order to gain access to the air ducts. These covers must be hermetically closed The ventilation screens must be removed for washing and. Then, the must be re-fit.. Cleaning Ducts
  8. 8. Use the proper tools and special chemicals in order to do a professional cleaning Remember
  9. 9. Air Central Of The Carolinas

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