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  • ABT A3, A3 SporTBAck, S3

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    ABT AR sports wheel. Diamond-machined with exclusive finish. Optimized in weight, painted anthracite. A class of its own.

    ABT BR sports wheel. Diamond-machined or high-gloss polished, with optional concealed valves, weight optimized and providing perfect handling.

    Audi A3 / S3 (Typ 8p) SeRieS ABT peRFORMANCe

    ABT pOweR

    1.8 l Turbo 154 kW (210 hp), 270 Nm 184 kW (250 hp), 350 Nm

    1.8 l Turbo 165 kW (225 hp), 280 Nm 184 kW (250 hp), 360 Nm

    1.9 l TDI 66 kW (90 hp), 210 Nm 82 kW (112 hp), 255 Nm

    1.9 l TDI 74 kW (100 hp), 240 Nm 92 kW (125 hp), 290 Nm

    1.9 l TDI 77 kW (105 hp), 250 Nm 96 kW (130 hp), 305 Nm

    1.9 l TDI 81 kW (110 hp), 235 Nm 97 kW (132 hp), 270 Nm

    1.9 l TDI 96 kW (130 hp), 310 Nm 114 kW (155 hp), 365 Nm

    2.0 l TDI 103 kW (140 hp), 320 Nm 125 kW (170 hp), 370 Nm

    2.0 l TDI 125 kW (170 hp), 350 Nm 140 kW (190 hp), 400 Nm

    1.8 l Turbo 110 kW (150 hp), 210 Nm 142 kW (193 hp), 275 Nm

    2.0 l T-FSI 147 kW (200 hp), 280 Nm 177 kW (240 hp), 330 Nm

    2.0 l T-FSI 195 kW (265 hp), 350 Nm 228 kW (310 hp), 420 Nm

    ABT pOweR S

    2.0 l T-FSI 147 kW (200 hp), 280 Nm 199 kW (270 hp), 350 Nm

    2.0 l T-FSI 147 kW (200 hp), 280 Nm 221 kW (300 hp), 370 Nm

    2.0 l T-FSI 195 kW (265 hp), 350 Nm 243 kW (330 hp), 440 Nm

    ABT iNTelligeNT SpORT

    2.0 l T-FSI 147 kW (200 hp), 280 Nm 176 kW (240 hp), 330 Nm

    The ABT AS3. The model aThleTe among The compacT versions.

    Wide and low as compared with the likewise very sporty series production model, the ABT AS3 has the look of a beefy sprinter in his starting blocks even when standing. Top-quality add-on parts and perfect chip tuning masterfully bring the performance of this compact top model to perfection. And in this weight class there is probably only one that people might consider superior

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    The ABT AS3-r.an uncompromising powerhouse.Its strengths are many although diplomacy is not necessarily one of them: 300 hp, 370 Nm, from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds and a top speed of 260 km/h the A3 top model by ABT makes a clear statement and brooks no opposition. Lowered by 40 mm and fitted with an ABT height-adjustable sports suspension, the ABT AS3-R is at one with the road and reacts unhesitatingly to every command from the steering wheel. An addictive booster to driving pleasure and emotion on four wheels; these for preference in the guise of the ABT light metal AR wheel in the classical five-spoke design.

    ABT rear muffler. Made of stainless steel, with chrome-plated exhaust pipes and engraved ABT logo.

    ABT engine tuning. A real power package: ABT Power R, the perfect combination of chip tuning and compressor.

    ABT AR sports wheel. Diamond-machined with exclusive finish. Optimized in weight, painted anthracite. A class of its own.

    Five doors. unique driving pleasure.Lowered by up to 55 mm, fitted with an ABT stainless steel 4-pipe rear muffler and the elegant ABT Z6 sports wheel, the premium model of this compact car makes a particularly impressive appearance. Dynamics and functionality interacting perfectly with each other the ABT AS3 Sportback knows what it can do. And you can tell this just by looking at it.

    The ABT AS3 SporTBAck.

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    More power. More fun. GuArAnTeed.

    The requirement to bring out the best in every engine is part of ABTs family tradition. Whether the task in hand is chip tuning (aBT power) optimization of the engine electronics plus turbo charger (aBT power s) where performance upgrades are concerned we are in our element and clearly the worlds number one for cars by the VW group. Thanks to the experience we have acquired in our many years of professional racing, we are aware that not only power is important, but also durability.

    It is only the right suspension that makes higher engine power pure pleasure. Also in this field we bring our entire racing experience and hence absolute cutting-edge technology onto the road. ABT suspension springs lower the vehicle and provide for dynamic looks and more stable road holding. In addition, ABT adjustable sport suspensions can be adjusted in height and, depending on the version, also in rebound and compression. The new highlight is the revolutionary ABT ISC suspension (Intelligent Suspension Control). The ISC shock absorbers automatically identify the current road conditions and adjust within split-seconds to your individual driving style.

    Driving in a sporty way is great fun but only if you know for sure that any time you want you can bring your car to an immediate standstill. ABT steel-flex brake lines are tested con-stantly under severe conditions and therefore provide this feeling of certainty. With an ideal pressure point, excellent regulable application and an optimal braking distance but with significantly less fading, in other words: no decrease in braking power under long-term stress. Thus, ABT brake systems bring everything reliably to a standstill. Except, of course, your driving pleasure.

    Elegant or dynamic, modern or classical, silver or titanium but always professionally balanced down to the last detail as far as weight and handling are concerned ABT sports wheels perfectly round off the individual performance of your car. After all, they clearly show at a glance that they conform with the highest of demands both on the road and on the racing track and that they do not only look good but also want to be driven.

    If you rate extraordinary dynamics as high as individuality, then you have found the perfect pit crew in the ABT team. Our designers, engineers, technicians and model makers work hand in hand, and the result is definitely highly respectable: a tuning program developed by our company, from the front grill to the rear wing, which we can use to transform your series production vehicle into an impressive character performer.

    Impressive power is turned into optical and acoustical enjoyment: Thanks to extensive development work and double-walled stainless steel design, ABT exhaust systems and rear mufflers always put on an impeccable performance. The particular masterpiece: diesel rear mufflers specially designed for selected cars which make the diesel models usually rather subdued voices considerably more impressive.

    aBT engine Technology aBT suspensions

    aBT aerodynamicsaBT Brakes

    aBT sporTs wheelsaBT exhausT Technology

    Further information at www.abt-sportsline.com

  • ABT A3, A3 SporTBAck, S3






    aBT sportsline gmbh Daimlerstr. 2 D-87437 KemptenPhone +49 (0) 831/5 71 40 - 903Fax +49 (0) 831/5 71 40 - 37

    www.abt-sportsline.com export@abt-sportsline.de

    Audi A3 (8p) A3A3



    ABT eNgiNe TeCHNOlOgy

    ABT Power / Chip tuning

    ABT Power S / ABT turbocharger


    ABT front spoiler lip

    ABT side skirts

    ABT rear skirt

    ABT rear wing

    ABT SpORTS wHeelS

    BR SPORTS Wheel

    18,19 and 20 inch, polished and diamond-machined, individual paint for BR wheel on request

    AR SPORTS Wheel

    18 and19 inch

    Z SPORTS Wheel

    16, 17 and 18 inch


    ABT rear muffler

    ABT exhaust system


    ABT suspension springs, lowers the cars center of gravity

    ABT thread sports suspension, reboundadjustable, infinitely height-adjustable

    ABT thread sports suspension, compression and rebound adjustable, infinitely height-adjustable

    ABT ISC sport shock absorbers

    ABT BRAkeS

    ABT brake system for front axle,brake discs 345 mm

    ABT iNTeRiOR

    ABT aluminium/leather gear shift knob

    ABT aluminium pedals incl. foot rest

    ABT floor mats

    ABT Z sports wheel. Shining in brilliant silver; convincing quality for every day. The ABT wheel-generation Z gives a brilliant performance in sizes 16, 17 and 18 inch.


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