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You are absolutely amazing.


<ul><li> 1. It hurts when</li></ul> <p> 2. you feel unappreciated 3. when you feel like you doeverything to help everyone else 4. and get nothing back. 5. All you want is some warmth oraffection. 6. Just for someone to notice you exist 7. For someone to be there when youcry. 8. You wait and wait to hear just a fewkind words 9. and get silence. 10. It hurts, but you have no-one to tell. 11. It makes you feel trapped. 12. You deserve to know how special youare. 13. You are absolutely amazing. 14. You are there for people wheneverthey need you. You are their rock. 15. Without people like you, no-one wouldever get by. 16. You are so important; you are worthso much. 17. You are kind, caring, empathetic. 18. You are the kind of person anyoneshould aspire to be. 19. And if you ever feel like you have lowworth, remember someone like you isso precious. 20. You have the power to make someonesmile. 21. You can make other people happy. 22. This is such an amazing quality youhave. 23. It makes you, happy, too 24. And one day you are going to findsomeone who appreciates this. 25. You will find someone special, andyou wont ever have to feel aloneagain. 26. So right now, go do something thatmakes YOU smile </p>