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Generating absence quotas in SAP HCM using RPTQTA00


Scenario: Employees are assigned Casual Leave of 12 days in a year. Casual Leave is credited at the start of the year and will not get carry forward for next year.

Step 1: Define Casual Leave absence type CLLV

Provide absence input checks for CLLV as follows:

Step 2: Group Personnel Subareas for Absence types

Step 3: Group Employee Subgroups for time quotas

Step 4: Group Personnel Subareas for time quotas

Step 5: Define Counting Rules

Step 6: Define Absence Quotas

The absence quota for Casual Leave is 91.

Step 7: Assign deduction rules to absence quotas

Step 8: Assign Counting Rules to Absence types

Step 9: Permit Quota Generation without Time Evaluation

When we select the No generation option, the absence quota type is not generated in Time Evaluation.

Step 10: Specify Rule Groups for Quota Type selection

Arrange the feature QUOMO in such a way that the return value for Quota Type Selection Rule Group is 01. This value is returned for the specific Personnel Subarea value within the Country Grouping 40.

Step 11: Set Base Entitlement for Absence Quota Generation

Provide the constant value of 12 days to the Absence Quota for Casual Leave. Select the period value in the related to period section as Calendar year since the Casual Leave is applicable for one year and is credited at the start of the year.

Step 12: Determine validity/deduction interval for absence quotas

Step 13: Define Generation Rules for quota type selection

Step 14: Set Personnel Subarea groupings for Time Recording

Step 15: Group Employee Subgroups for the Personnel Calculation Rule

Step 16: Set up automatic accrual using Report RPTQTA00

We can execute the report RPTQTA00 in Test Run mode to check whether the Casual Leave absence quota is generated properly for the employee.

Generating Absence Quotas for employees using RPTQTA00