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  • Sophie Nwapa Music Friends Waltz (G. Kowalchyk)

    Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear learn ice skating but they feel shy to try. Then their friends come along to help them and they have a great time together!

    Nicole Litmanovich On the Green Meadow (Russian Folk Song arr. by O. Getalova)

    The fall has come. Small leaves gradually turn yellow, start looking dry and crusty, and finally fall off the trees. Here's a maple leaf, big and beautiful. It fll off the tree as well, flying downand down on the green meadow.

    Joseph Yoon Jolly Old St. Nicolas (Traditional. arr. by C. Miller)

    Daniel Guzowski Santa My Music Friend (G. Kowalchyk)

    Santa is on the way to my home! It seems I can hear his quiet steps... Then he is getting in my house and taking out his presents from his huge bag!

    Fiona Au Jingle Bells (J. Pierpont, arr. by C. Matz)

    Mathilda Hummel Up on the Housetop (B. Hanby, arr. by C. Matz)

    Andre Nwapa Winter Scene (H. Marlias)

    On Christmas Eve the kids have to stay in their house because of the bad storm! They are looking out their window as the storm gets worse and worse. A big gust of wind howls and they are worried how Santa will make it this time. Fortunately the storm is fading away... The kids fall asleep happily knowing that Santa will be safe.

  • Abhinav Ramana Hallelujah Chorus (G. Handel)

    It was a cold December night. Family and friends had gathered in the grand cathedral. A young boywalked up to the grand organ raising up to the cathedral roof. And he played a beautiful song and was joined by everyone to make the moment ajoyous one.

    Ismael and Imen Hannachi Silent Night (F. Gruber, arr. by N. Faber)

    Braydon Louie C is for Cookie (J. Raposo)

    Santa is tip-toeing into the house. He drops off the presents quietly. He sneaks up to grab a cookie, but Mom is coming down the stairs. Oh no!He hides behind the Christmas tree. Dad is coming! Santa is tip-toeing to the chimney he climbs up and escapes!

    Andy and Katie Irimagawa Pavane (G. Faure, arr. by C. Matz)

    Once upon a time, there was a girl with a little brother. They were in the woods and they got lost. It was starting to snow and they were freezing and hungry. As they kept on going, they saw a house with lights on. They were very relieved as they ran toward the house.

    Lev Litmanovich The Little Fir Tree (M. Krasev)

    Once in the frosty winter, a Santa Claus, always kind and joyful, found a very beautiful Christmas Tree in the forest. It was growing on the very edge of the forest, and no one even knew about it. But one day, right on Christmas Eve, a few small kids came to that forest with their parents.They liked so much the Christmas Tree! They cut it, put it on their sled, brought it home and dressed it. The Christmas Tree was even more beautiful now!.

  • Alexis Martelino Christmas Song (M. Torme and R. Wells)

    Katie Irimagawa Little Red Wagon (T. Richert)

    Christmas is the little jumpy rabbit's favorite holiday. She likes the pretty snowflakes. One day, when the rabbit was walking down the hill, a tiny snowflake landed on her nose. She was very happy to know her favorite season was here. She ran into her house to get her hat and groves, andplayed in the cold all day.

    Isaac Patton O Tannenbaum (Traditional. arr. by V. Guaraldi)

    Matthew Louie Distant Chimes (J. George)

    In the winter morning bro bell and sis bell are talking above a church. From their tower they arelooking at the people celebrating Christmas. They are ringing and telling everyone to come. The sun is rising and shining, the wind picks up and carriesthe sound of the bells away.

    Aditi Nambiar A Skating Waltz (B. Berlin)

    It is a snowy and exciting day, and a happy familyis skating on the frozen river. The older kids go first, and then the youngsters follow along. Finally, the youngest one puts everyone in a big circle and starts dancing around together. At the end, the little bell calls everybody inside!

    Natalie Nwapa Mist (C. Poole)

    On the first day of Winter I go on a walk with my friends to the park. We find a frozen pond over there and go ice skating. We don't notice the big crowd until they start applauding us! Finally we proudly bow to the audience.

    Alaia Stewart The Little Drummer Boy (Davis, Onorati, Simeone)

  • Aaliyah Wilson Evening Tide (L. Lusk)

    The sun slowly rose on the horizon. The waves in the sea crashed against the rocks, a seagull glided across the sky. As the sun got higher, a whale appeared! It shot water out of its blowhole spraying itself. Then the whale dove and swam offthen eventually disappeared in the waves.

    Sophia Birnbach Colored Windows (E. Burnam)

    In the wonderful halls of this great church, the bells are ringing and the choir is singing. I can hear an organ playing for the group with all of its grand colors leading us to sing, and suddenly we start getting back our forte.

    Alisa Alonichava The Field Duck (Russian Folk Song)

    After a night of sleeping under a bush, a field duck was awoken in the morning by the sound of happily quacking ducks. Hopeful for company, the field duck got up, ruffled his feathers, and followed the noises. But by the time he got there,all the ducks had flown away, a few feathers the only sign the ducks had ever been there. The field duck went away glumly, saddened that he never got to meet the other ducks.

    Vincent Phung Scheherazade (N. Rimsky - Korsakov, arr. By N. Faber)

    A little boy is dreaming of snow wonderland. It snows harder and harder and he gets excited. But, he woke up and ran to the window and saw there was no snow outside. He got upset so he went back to sleep to return to his snow wonderland. In his dream he found huge snow pilesand went outside to build snowmen. It was his favorite dream.

  • Eason Chen Gavotte (G. Handel)Its a wonderful Christmas. Everyone is happy andtalking about presents and Santa, of courseBut there is a little boy who is waiting for snow for many years and feels sad that its not snowing yet. He has the same dream over and over about a lot of snow. Once he wakes up and jumps out ofhis bed with joy: Its snowing!

    Alissa Lau My Favorite Things (R. Rodgers)

    Chloe Chung In the Spirit (C. Norton)

    The little girl wakes up and she sees snow outside.But first, she opens her presents. She's playing with her toys alone but her big brother intrudes. They go outside together to play with snowballs. They have a snowball fight. They're hiding behindthe snowy trees but the dog runs out and finds them. Now, the game is over!

    Annie Francis Sunset in Rio (M. Springer)

    It was a bright sunny morning in the Winter forest of Rio. The many birds of the forest woke up with a yawn. As the birds woke up one by one they warmed up with the song they were preparingSunset in Rio for the annual Rio A Capella festival. One bird however was a little nervous because she was going to do a solo. So all the other birds cheered for her and comforted her asthey got ready. When the time came the birds flew onto the stage made of tree bark. The nervous little bird began to sing and soon the other birds joined in and the little bird wasnt frightened anymore, she was enjoying herself. She twirled and danced along to the voices. And as they were singing the sun was slowly sinking back into the horizon imitating their song, the Winter bright red-orange sky shown as the birds slowly made their way back to their nests.

  • Manav Lakhani Atacama Desert (W. Rossi)

    Everywhere there was desert. Dunes blocked his line of sight and he had no idea where he had to go. All he wanted was to be with his family for Christmas, but there was no sign of hope. He wasdesperate for something to eat and drink. He wasso hot. But he kept moving forward, struggling up the dunes and trudging through the sand. He only had hope left. Only hope.

    Kristin Williams Blue Charlie Brown (V. Guaraldi)

    On Christmas Eve, Charlie Brown is upset because he hasn't found any Christmas cards in his mail box. So, he decides to make a card for his friend, Linus before he leaves for a Christmas party. The problem is he can't draw. He goes to ask his sister for help. As they become close to finishing, Linus comes so he hides the card to surprise him. Then everyone gets together and he surprises Linus with the best card ever!

    Stephen Malysh Allegretto (T. Kirchner)

    I walked through the grass on this cold winter day. A thin layer of snow on the ground crunched as I stepped onto its smooth white surface. A fewfeet away from me, a dog was rolling around in the snow. We live near Seattle, so it was very rare for us to have snowy winter. I started to walk home so I could finish my leftovers from breakfast, when I slipped on the sidewalk and fellface first into the snowy grass. I laughed at myself for making such a silly mistake. My cloths were wet and soggy now and I hurried home to get something dry to put on. It was quite uncomfortable, walking home drenched from foot to toe in icy water. I finally reached my front door, and I walked inside and shut the door behind me.

  • Ellie Hanson Christmas Time is Here (V. Guaraldi)

    Michael Malysh Fluttering Leaves (S. Heller)

    Spin and whirl, flow and prance,The leaves begin their autumn dance.Through mud and rain and biting cold,They shimmer brown, red and gold,They fly, abandoning their trees,To serve to Lady Fall's appease.Over the mountains, valleys through,The leaves fly far, their pathways true.On and on without relentHail the heralds of Fall's ascent.

    Audrey Lin The Old Castle ( from "Pictures from an Exhibition" by M. Mussorgsky)

    The castle is more ancient than any bone left in the soil.


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