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  • Ethan Giannini Snow Bells

    (C. Noona)

    Lev Litmanovich Ded Moroz

    (Russian Santa, A. Philippenko, Arr. Tanya Otto)

    Erica Hammond Twinkle, Twinkle, Christmas Star

    (Traditional, Arr. C. Matz)

    Sophia Birnbach Up on the Housetop

    (B. R. Hanby, Arr. C.Matz)

    Farrah Mitchell The Cuckoo

    (Czech Traditional, Arr. E. Gutierrez)

    Chloe Chung Lullaby For Jesus

    (Polish Traditional, Arr. E. Gutierrez)

    Ava Gaddis Angels We Have Heard on High

    (Traditional, Arr. C. Matz)

  • Aaliyah and Lance Wilson Christmas is Coming

    (E.N. Bland)

    Leanna Sayavong Frosty the Snowman

    (N. Faber)

    Angelina Rengach Do You Hear What I Hear

    (G. Baker)

    Alisa Alonichava Away in a Manger

    (Traditional, Arr. C. Miller)

    Leanna Marukyan Clouds on the Winter Sky

    (Armenian Song, Arr. Tanya Otto)

    Once, on Christmas Eve, clouds brought snowfall and the children ran into the street to play with snow. They stayed outside for a long time until it got too cold. In the evening, when the kids went to sleep quietly Santa Claus came to the house with gifts. Next morning the children ran to the Christmas tree to open their presents. Everyone was very happy! But sad that Christmas ends so quickly...

    Isabella Antoun Sleigh Ride

    (L. Anderson, Arr. C. Matz)

  • Vincent Phung Oh Christmas Tree

    (German Christmas Carol)

    Samuel Mace Joy to the World

    (G. Handel, Arr. C. Miller)

    Mathew Lynch The Little Drummer Boy

    (K. Davis, Arr. C. Matz)

    Melika Arvan Deer Hunting

    (Fariborz Lachini)

    Early winter is the best time for deer hunting. So a young hunter suited up, picked up his gun and dashed threw the door. He hid behind rocks and bushes to avoid being spotted by the deer. Not long after, he spots a deer not to far away. So he quietly, but quickly got his gun ready to fire. The deer were peacefully dreaming when….. BANG!!!! The hunter shot, but got no luck. The deer began running. On his second shot he missed again! His fingers were so cold that he could not shoot well, but he was willing to shoot again. Suddenly he thought, “I feel bad shooting this poor deer.” So the hunter watched as the deer ran until it disappeared.

    Remington Read Deck the Halls

    (Welsh Christmas Tune, Arr. C. Miller)

  • Asha Fotos God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

    (Arr. C. Matz)

    Petro Ksondzyk Hallelujah

    (G. Handel, Arr. C. Miller)

    Joshua Apuya A Bell Carol

    (M. Bober)

    Mavin Weinrod Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring

    (J. Bach, Arr. W. Garcia)

    It's just a dust of snow at first. Then it's building up snowflake by snowflake into a big pile of snow. The pile started drifting away with the wind and went down to nothing. Yet, more snow clouds are coming and the pile starts building up again! Even higher then last time! Finally, it's calming down and leaves this winter evening quite, peaceful and beautiful.

    Ellie Hanson Shchedrik-Shchedrik

    (Carol of the Bells, Ukrainian Song)

  • Annie Francis Lullaby

    (J. Brahms, Arr. N. Faber)

    It's a quite and snowy Christmas Eve. Mom tries to lullaby a little baby but he doesn't want to sleep. He wants to play with his Christmas toys. Then he gets tired, closes his eyes and finally falls asleep listening to mom's beautiful lullaby.

    Stephen Malysh Gremlins

    (L. Paterson)

    Once on the snowy day of winter I went snowshoeing in the forest. I packed myself some Christmas gingerbread cookies my Mom made. I was walking calmly when suddenly I saw a little creature of some kind. It shrieked and ran to hide behind a bush. I also hid myself behind a thick tree to not scare it away because I wanted to get a closer look at it. I threw one of my Christmas cookies on a stump as bate. It slowly came out from the bush, snatched the cookie and ran back. Then I realized it was a gremlin. I threw another cookie on the stump. The gremlin came and took it back to its bush, but this time it came with two others, bigger ones. I thought maybe they are Mom and Dad gremlins. I saw that they were afraid but their curiosity was stronger. Then I slowly stepped out from behind my tree hoping they would not get scared and run away. I was hiding behind my tree the whole time so they never saw me before. When they finally did they freaked out and ran away screaming. They practically broke everything in their path!

    Kristin Williams Christmas Time is Here

    (V. Guaraldi)

  • Nia Santos Happiness Theme

    (V. Guaraldi)

    Noelle Santos Skating

    (V. Guaraldi)

    Lizi Rose Puloka The First Noel

    (Traditional, Arr. E. Rocherolle)

    Audrey Lin Sonatina

    One winter afternoon, it suddenly started snowing; so a little girl went outside and built a life size snowman. Soon it got dark and she went back home. The little girl didn't want to leave the snowman alone and took the last look at him. POOF! The snowman came alive! Wow, what a surprise! We can play together!! Soon the rays of sunrise shown and the little girl panicked that her friend was going to melt. She brought a big umbrella and sheltered the snowman! It was nice and cool in the shade - both of them sighed in relief, she had saved his life!

    Emily Wilson Merry Christmas, Mr Laurence

    (R. Sakamoto)

  • Chris Johansen Adios Nonino

    (Y. Puech and A. Piazzolla)

    As the snow accumulated against the house outside, Lydia moved about inside, going about her usual routine, waiting for Thomas to arrive. She folded laundry, prepared dinner, trying to keep her mind occupied despite the storm outside and the storm beginning to swell in her mind. She stopped, suddenly, staring at nothing. Anger overcame her, she was confused and hurt, but lonely and longing for the way things used to be. She wondered if it was all her fault. No. But she knew in her heart that she could forgive the mistakes, and surely Thomas would shortly walk up the steps, into the house, and beg to be forgiven. They would remember their love, Christmas morning would come, and all would return to normal.

    He never returned, and she was left with only the memory of their dance.

    Alan Reyes Silent Night

    (F. Gruber, Arr. E. Rocherolle)

    Vivian Phung Miniature Overture

    (The Nutcracker, P. Tchaikovsky)

    Manav Lakhani Dance of the Sugarplum

    (The Nutcracker, P. Tchaikovsky)

  • Michael Malysh Dance of the Reed Flutes

    (The Nutcracker, P. Tchaikovsky)

    Tanya Otto Arabian Dance

    (The Nutcracker, P. Tchaikovsky)

    Tanya Otto Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

    (J. Marks, Arr. Ph. Keveren)

  • Notes

  • Congratulations to Ethan Giannini, Lev Litmanovich, Erica Hammond,

    Chloe Chung, Samuel Mace, Annie Francis and Alan Reyes on their recital debut in the studio!

    Thank you to all parents and grandparents for their support!

    Thank you to the the First Baptist Church of Martha Lake

    for hosting this recital and other kindnesses.

    And Merry Christmas to all of you!

  • Above Piano Lessons Studio

    www.abovepiano.com tanya.otto@abovepiano.com

    Tanya Otto (206) 617-4222


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