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<ul><li> 1. About Z-Wave Espaa http://zwave.es</li></ul> <p> 2. http://zwave.esZ-Wave Espaa is Domtica daVincis trade mark for Z-Wave product distribution- Since 2011 leader in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Eslovenia- Wholesales / Distribution / Logistics- On-line Shops- Partners Program- Z-Wave technology promotion- Product Integration / Development- Technical Support 3. Dealers:Manufacturers and product selectionOrders On-line / Off-lineCustomer shippngTechnical Training for profesionalsManuals and HowTosWebminarsDirect contact wiht Z-Wave AllianceBest prices, disconuts and PacksMarketing and sales colateralsSales offers templates 4. - 300+ m2 stores- Advanced Logstics- Fast and cheap deliver- All over Europe 5. Technical Capabilities-Compatibility lab Z-Wave-Lot of devicest to checkinteroperatibility- Wireless technology analisys- Own analisysAnalisis propiosdesarrollados, for instance, tovalidate devices battery life.- Direct contact with EuropeanCertification Centre Peper-One 6. info@zwave.esFozana de Abajo 18@zwavees33199 Tiana Siero Asturias Espaa+34 985 791323 http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4457996 7. info@zwaveit.com Via C. Palma 72@zwaveitalia73024 MaglieLecce Italia+39 349 5545616 http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4457978 8. info@zwave.si tihova 10 , @zwaveslovenijaZupanieva jama ,1000 Ljubljana,+38 6123 03 025 Slovenija+38 6123 03 026http://www.linkedin.com/groups/ZWave-Slovenija-4496238 9. info@z-wave.pt Rua dos Amigos, n21@zwaveportugal 2640-376 Igreja Nova MFRPortugal+35 1919655531 http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4457988 10. Enjoy a great Z-Wave Team in Europe! 11. josemiguel.rubio@zwave.es josemiguel.rubiovaras+34 610266723Sales and Technical Support:- Spanish- English- French 12. antonio.ferramosca@zwaveit.com ilmosca+39 349 5545616Sales and Technical Support:- Italian- Spanish- English 13. alexandre.ramos@z-wave.pt ar.alexandre.ramos +35 1919655531Sales and Technical Support:- Portuguese- Spanish- English 14. iztok.mahoric@zwave.siiztok.mahoric+38 640208964Sales and Technical Support:- Slovenian- English 15. miriam.suarez@domoticadavinci.commiriam.suarezsuarez+34 606590760- Orders tracking- Payments- Invoices</p>