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About Us- in house weekly bulletin of Rotary Midtown.


  • 1. Issue: 7Volume: 34 Date: 20.08.2014 Pages: 4 Jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur.... I start my Editorial first by expressing my deep condolences to the mothers of our President and the President elect who passed away in less than10daysinterval.Mysonoutofcuriosityaskedthisquestion-howcome Papa people are dying in Rotary so frequently? For a second I felt what he said is right. Almost at an average of one per month for the last 6 months or so we are losing elderly members of our families. But that is natural. Most of us are in late 4os or early 5os. Naturally our parents will be in eighties. So they make way for us to occupy their positions! And it is quite expected to hear such news. But for the individual family members, loss is unbearable. Being in medical field I come across this situation quite frequently and when we declare the inevitable to the family members the reactions from the other side can be varied and sometimes unexpected and inconsolable. But everytimeIconsolemyselfbyremberingthisgreatversefromBhagavadgita. jatasyahidhruvomrtyurdhruvamjanmamrtasyaca tasmadapariharye'rthenatvamsocitumarhasi For one who has taken birth, death is certain and for one who has died, birth is certain. Therefore in an inevitable situation understanding should prevail. Next significant event that happened last week was the mesmerizing speech of our PM NaMo on Independence Day. I am sure you have heard and read enough about it in the media. Who can dare to speak about toilets from the Red fort? 1 hour and 10 minutes of pure extempore filled with punch lines was truly amazing. Whether he delivers or not is secondary but that speech truly inspires. Those of you who missedpleasewatchitonYouTube.Itisreallyworthit. MyMankuthimmanaKaggaisslowlycatchingup.Iamhearinggoodfeed backs. ReadtheoneforthisweekwhichIfeelistimely. g UAiqz P vz | g ervAiiUv || jZPUlz dU gAv | g Ai - APw || "A small boy is engrossed in putting together the pieces of his broken slate to make it complete again. He broke it in the first place. Although it is tiresome for him to put it back together, he is involved it in wholeheartedly and in oblivious to the rest of the world. So is the creator - engrossed in the process of creating and breaking his own creation. He is enjoying it just like thelittleboyevenifitseemstiresomeandfutile..." -Rtn.Dr.Prahlad Motivation to join a Service Organisation R.Sukumar is an Electronics Engineer from IIT, Kharagpur ('72) and MBA from IIM,Bangalore('77). He has worked in senior management positions in marketing with reputed Corporates in Mumbai for about 7 years beforebecoming anentrepreneur. His entrepreneurial career began in 1982 with establishing a manufacturing unit in Mysore, Ace Components & Electronics Pvt Ltd, a leading ISO certified manufacturer of Film Resistors in the country (www.acecomponents.co.in) He is also a founder Director of PointCross.Com Pvt Ltd, a Software product Company in Bangalore established in 1999, providing enterprise solutions to Oil Exploration and Pharma Research applications. (www.pointcross.com). He is the Chairman of Sophos Academy of Management Pvt Ltd, established in Mysore in 2009 in the area of CorporateLearning(www.sophosacademy.com) He was Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Mysore Zone during 1995-96. He is a certified assessor for the CII- EXIM BusinessExcellenceAward. He was the President of the Lions Club of Mysore West, (1990- 91) and was also the President of the CBSE School run by the Lions ClubofMysoreWestduring1991-92. He is a Founder Trustee of Asha Kirana Charitable Trust Hospital in Mysore started in 1997 working in the area of HIV care and support (www.ashakirana.org) . He is also a trustee of Prasad MemorialCharitableTrustHospital. He is a visiting faculty for subjects relating to Operations and MarketinginafewManagementInstitutes. His wife Meenakshi Sukumar is a Senior Professor and trainer in French. His older son is doing research in Cognitive Science and youngersonisadesignengineerwithL&T,Mumbai. MIDTOWN HEARTILY WELCOMES LN. SUKUMAR RANGACHARI - BY LN. SUKUMAR RANGACHAR

2. Rotary Midtown Academy wore a grand look of th patriotism on the 68 Independence Day celebrations. The management and staff had taken great interest in decoratingthestageandthenewofficeroom. The new office building was inaugurated by Rtn. Jayaprakash M.S, Asst. Gov. Zone 7 and later the dignitaries moved to the newly constructed dais for flag hoisting. The national flag was hoisted by the chief guest Mr. S.P Suresh and the National Anthem was sungbyall. th Rtn. Manoj- Vice President called the 7 weekly meeting to order and welcomed the gathering. The chiefguestwasintroducedbyRtnDr.Prahladandstage donorsSmt.IndiraNairandMr.AbhilashNairwereintroducedbyRtn.MohanKumar. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. S.P. Suresh, a mathematics teacher at Ramakrishna Vidhyashala and also an NCC officer,advised the children to follow a few simple rules in life to make it fulfilling. The points he told was health, strength, concentration and discipline. He liked the school band and appreciated it. He also asked the students to read about one freedom fighter's biography a year, so that they will understand India's independence struggle and success. Rtn.Jayaprakash delivered a crisp and clear message to the students highlightingtheimportanceofIndependenceDay. On account of Independence day InnerwheeldonatedourNationalFlag to Balabodini Government School and distributedsweets." The philanthropists Mrs. Indira Nair and her son Mr.Abhilash Nair, of Zeus Biotech, donors of the stage in the school were honoured with shawl, fruits and flower bouquet. Mrs. Nair voiced her happiness of being a part of the celebrations and said that all the success of her company goes to her late husband and her son and also wished the children to study well and achievesuccessinlife. The school children showcased their skills of yoga, dance, and singing in a synchronized way and Mr. Abhilash Nair, is the MD and heading the company Zeus Biotech Limited. His mother Mrs. Indira Nair also a theatre artistisdirectorofthecompany. Midtown Thanks the Donors of the Stage at RMA enthralled the gathering. Rtn. Mohan-Secretary RMM announced next week's meeting details and RtnD.Srinivasanproposedvoteofthanks. -D.Srinivasan Innerwheel Exclusive Innerwheel roped in Mr Manu of Mysore Amateur Naturalist to enlighten the students of RMA on nature and wild life through documentary films. The high school students were enthralled by the show and had a very good interactive session about birds and animals, how they have evolved over time and adapted to changes in the environment and how birds migrate to different countries. An animated movie on freedom for animals was in store for the younger children which they enjoyed to the fullest. The peels of laughter from the little ones filled the auditorium. Chocolates were distributedtoallthechildrenaftertheshow. - Lavanya 3. Rotarians said it Rotarians said it About Us is interesting and informative. You can add - humour column and - latest happeningsinRotary. Regardstoallmidtowners. -PDG R Krishna Issue 5, of About Us also came out very fine. The child Thimmanna`s story of trapping in the bore is timely. A song from Manku Thinmmana Kagga is heart-breaking. Thank you Prahlad. Seeyou in Kundapura. - Rtn. Ramakrishna.K.(RC Sullia) District Joint secretary- Admin. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world slept, India woke up to life and freedom. - Vice President Rtn. Manoj quoted Nehru before adjourning the Independence day meeting at RMA. It was a very timely quote. The rebirth of Karna in this Kaliyuga happened on this day in the year 1964 at Mission hospital, Mysore, to Sri Rajaiah andSmtNingarajamma. Karna was the 'Guardian Angel of Kauravas' in Dvapara yuga & now he is the 'Guardian Angel of Chicks' in this Kaliyuga. Let us reach 'Mandi ka Dada' Motte Venky @ 9845120929andfullboilhimwithwishes. - Club Service Director Rtn. D. Srinivasan in his message to the club members to wish President Venky on his birthday. His innovative, catchy, well worded, well researched messages have become talk of Midtown in this light up rotary year. Career Orientation Programme at Chaitra College on 9/8/14 The co-ordination programme for Rotaract Leaders of Zone 7 was held in RCL hall in jointly by Rotary Midtown and Rotary Mysore. Rtn. S.V.Sridhar-President Rotary Mysore, Rtn. Venugopal-Rotract Zonal Co-ordinator, Zone 7, Rtn. M.S.Jayaprakash-Asst. Governor, Rtr. Sandana Krishnan- ZRR Chamundi Zone, Rtn. M.S.Raghu and Rtn. D.Srinivasan werepresentonthedais. Rtn. Sridhar, president Rotary Mysore welcomed the gatheringandchairedthemeet. Rtn. Venugopal enlightened the gathering about the concept of management and told how to be a successful leader and all that young leaders can learn in one year as Rotaractor. Speaking on the occasion Rtr. Sandana Krishnan said that this kind of workshop has not been conducted for Rotaractors in any zone. He also enlightened on Club work, reports to DRR, ZRR ans Club chairman. He also explained in detailofallmonthsinaRotaryyear. Asst. Governor Rtn. M.S.Jayaprakash gave an indepth knowledge on what projects to be taken up and also told aboutthebestprojectsinAsiaPacificregion. Rtn. M.S.Raghu motivated the young minds with his brilliant narration of stories coupled with examples in real life. Rtn.D.Srinivasanproposedvoteofthanks. - RTN. D. SRINIVASAN PEHACHAAN 1st batch of 75 Ist PUC kids from 10.30-11.301st batch of 75 Ist PUC kids from 10.30-11.301st batch of 75 Ist PUC kids from 10.30-11.30 2nd batch of 80 2nd PUC kids from 12.30 to 2pm2nd batch of 80 2nd PUC kids from 12.30 to 2pm2nd batch of 80 2nd PUC kids from 12.30 to 2pm 4. Printed at Tech Prints, Mysore-570005 Ph: 2330380, 4289380 Email: techprints@rediffmail.com, techprints89@gmail.com Aboutus In-house Magazine Published by Rtn. Mohan Kumar T.N, Hon. Secretary Rotary Mysore Midtown, JL