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About Us -inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown


<ul><li> 1. ISSUE : 40 VOLUME : 31 01-05-2012 PAGES - 4ROTARY MIDTOWN SHRAMAJEEVI AWARD EuDjj" : oAj"Cu|zj :j;u : ]ll IAju|zj :oh" : ]ll ^jAj" %;ur|j : =ub|D} =u|;u :j~Aj;j Djj : CjoI DjoY =ub|D}mou Au"Djrj" </li><li> 2. 01-5-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, Congratulations to all Midtowners. One more Feather in the Cap of Midtown . Midtown has won 15Awards &amp; the Best Club in all Avenues of Service. I immensely Thank all the Board Members &amp; all myfellow Rotarians for giving the consistent Support to achieve the Goal. Last week even with inspite heavy rains spoiling attendance for our meeting we had a nice timewith varieties of sandwiches and ice creams from Polar Bear hosted by our Rtn. Naveen Chandra.Business meeting went on well with healthy discussions. This may be the last Business meeting ofcurrent Rotary Year 2011-12. I wish Bon Voyage and happy time to all my Rotary friends for their trip toBangkok to attend RI Convention. Today let us honour real hard workers with Rotary Midtown Venus Shramajeevi Award. We extend a very warmwelcome to todays Chief guest our beloved PDG Rtn. Laxminarayan. Bye till next week. Thank You Rtn. Raghavendra GUL MOHUR and gratitude. When I think its time to put up my feet and relax, I behold the Gul Mohur beckoning me to let down my hair and put on my dancing shoes. The reds energize me as a panacea to lift up my spirits. The Gul Mohur symbolises my life itself grand, glorious and vibrant, at once ostentatious and austere the next moment. Just like you, Ive romanced with life and will continue to romance as I Hum Abbas immortal melody If I were to do the same again, I would my friend, I have no regrets. The reds are back this summer and somehow appear toned down. Behold the Gul Mohur representing change and continuity the warp and weft of the fabric of life. - Ann. Chandrika Raghu, PDC Innerwheel Midtown L ike a little girl showing off her new dress or a shy bride aglow with the first kiss outshining the brilliance of thesun in May, the blazing red Gul Mohur is in full bloom. They call it Congrat s aanvithe May Flower and some call it the Forest Flame, but I like the Annette.name Gul Mohur the very name breathes romance! Saanvi Rakesh The fiery blooms evoke varied emotions as they line up the won 1st prize inroads of pretty Mysore. Gazing at these stately trees as we drive by,I revisit my childhood summers. The sweet scent of jasmine on handwritingoiled hair, competition at Luscious Raspuri mangoes one in each hand, juicy Reliancewatermelon dripping on the new dress, carts laden with cut jack Time-outfruit and flies buzzing around and the sunny Gul Mohur heralding (Mall of Mysore)the long holidays. Holidays meant endless chatter and laughter, onand long cycle rides with the gang. Summer holidays also brought 28th April 2012"with it heat boils and vaccinations, not to forget the holidayhomework and the annual dose of castor oil. As I entered the golden adolescence, the Gul Mohur unfoldeda different perspective. All the senses were set aflame by thevibrant hues of red. Falling in love, in love with life itself flared Our senior Rtn. Dr.Kanakarajs health suffered atempers when expectations were not met. The adventure and setback when he was admitted with urinary tractexuberance of youth gave me a sense of immortality as I rode the infection and pneumonia recently. He wascrest of joy and freedom. recovering from a major stroke suffered about 6 The feisty young woman mellowed with marriage and months ago.Presently he is recovering and is outmotherhood. Year after year the blooms came enriching me with of ICU. Midtown family wishes him a speedyexperiences. New relationships giving new meaning to life. recovery. As I enter the twilight years, the Gul Mohur fills me with peace </li> <li> 3. 3 01-5-2012Midtowners Bound To Ri Convention AtThailand The Land Of Thousand Smiles Venkatesh Manjunath Manoj Srinivas Gopal Raaghu Vishwa Babanna Umesh Harish Chandu Mohan Prahlad Bhanu Pavithran Sundar Kumaranna Alagappan Suryani Bheemesh BON VOYAGE AND HAVE A GREAT TIME Sunanda </li> <li> 4. Happy Birthday Ten Rotarians honored as Champions of Change at White House Ten U.S. Rotarians were honored by the White House on 20 April as Champions of Change for their exemplary humanitarian work locally and internationally. At the daylong event, more than 160 Rotarians attended a Rtn. Vijay Kumar Rtn. PHF. Bhanu morning round of briefings by U.S. government officials on topics 2-05-2012 3-05-2012 including maternal and child health, disease prevention, economic development, youth and education, water and(Mobile: 9945267521) (Mobile: 9341669887) sanitation, and peace building. RI President Kalyan Banerjee, addressing the session, said the 10 honorees clearly demonstrate a problem-solving spirit. Each of them identified a problemwhether it was water- borne disease or poverty or hunger or polio -- and they did something about it. But they did it in a way that works, said Banerjee. They worked closely with the community to ensure that the solutions they proposed were better than what was there Rtn. S. Gopal Rtn. Srinivasan K.N. before in all ways -- solutions that were workable, preferable, and -- and this is a key point -- sustainable. 3-05-2012 7-05-2012 Champions of Change : The ten Rotarians honored as(Mobile: 9448222083) (Mobile: 9448050456) Champions of Change included: Terrence Allen, a member of the Rotary Club of Lakeshore (Baroda-Stevensville-Bridgman), Michigan. Allen volunteers atWedding Anniversary the Childrens Safe Water Project, which provides clean water to thousands of families in the Dominican Republic. Jim Fulgham, a member of the Rotary Club of Arlington, Texas. Fulgham partnered with local colleges and universities to raise US$1 million to provide scholarships to sixth grade students from disadvantage families who finish high school and enroll into college. Noelle Galperin, a member of the Rotary Club of Coral Gables, Florida. Galperin initiated her clubs Haiti recovery efforts in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake. She also helped Rtn. PHF. PP. M. Azeezulla &amp; Neelam raise more than $325,000 for polio eradication. 3-5-2012 Cell : 9448068978 Anil Garg, a member of the Rotary Club of Simi Valley, California. Garg has led multiple National Immunization Days in India and is a strong advocate for adult literacy. Richard J. Kemme, a member of the Rotary Club of Greeley, Colorado. Kemme uses his background in orthopedic surgery to train surgeons in Malawi. David Kester, a member of the Rotary Club of Anchorage, Alaska. Kester and his club have been instrumental in the success of the Mobile Food Pantry of Anchorage, which has provided more than three million pounds of produce, dairy Rtn. PHF. Bhanuchandran S. &amp; Kamalakshi G. products and other perishable foods to thousands of Alaskan families. 6-5-2012 Cell : 9341669887 Henry Lowentritt, a member of the Rotary Club of New Orleans, Louisiana. Lowentritt led efforts to renovate and reopen historic Warren Easton High School after it was nearly destroyed by the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina. Carolyn Crowley Meub, a member of the Rotary Club of Rutland, Vermont. Meub heads Pure Water for the World, an international charity that has brought clean water and sanitation to thousands of families in Honduras and Haiti. Fary Moini, a member of the Rotary Club of La Jolla Golden Rtn. Rajesh Darla &amp; Anju Triangle, California. Moini has led her club in a series of 9-5-2012 Cell : 9886124170 successful projects to increase educational opportunities for girls and young women and enhance the training of health care professionals in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Next Week in Midtown Fred Thompson, a member of the Rotary Club Innsbrook Speaker Meeting (Richmond), Virginia. Thompson led his club in the expansion of the Coal Pit Learning Center, which provides enriched pre-Mrs. Anupama Ravindranath Will Speak on schooling opportunities to children from low-income families. Every one of our champions of change can offer the kind of Managing Adolescence fundamental knowledge and understanding of their communities Date: 9-05-2012 at 6.30pm that informs innovative solutions designed to work on every level, said Banerjee. They will serve as inspiration to all of us. Venue : RCL Hall, JLB Road </li> </ul>