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About Us Inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown


<ul><li> 1. ISSUE : 38 VOLUME : 31 18-04-2012 PAGES - 4ROTARY MIDTOWN SILICON JOURNALISM AWARD Congratulations!!! Mr.Nagesh Panathale and Mr. K.Shashikumar Today Midtown welcomes the chief guest R.Guru, Chairman, N.R.Group of Companies to confer the Rotary Midtown Silicon Journalism Award to two eminent journalists of Mysore who have excelled in the field of journalism. Rotary Midtown has a tradition of identifying and honouring eminent personalities in all fields including Jounalism. This award is instituted by M/s Silicon Controls Pvt. Ltd., And co-incidentally its managing director is also the Clubs president and his partner is also a club member. Midtown congratulates todays award recipients Nagesh Panathale and K.Shashikumar. Mr. Nagesh Kumar P.B alias Nagesh Panathale comes from the land of Kodavas. He is the 2nd son of Sri P.C.Bidappa and Smt Janaki Bidappa from the village Maragodu. He had his education in Coorg, Hassan, Bangalore and Mysore. He graduated in journalism from Mysore University in the year 2000. He is married to Mamatha Nagesh and has two children, Deepan Nagesh and Sagar Ganapathy. He started his career in the year 2002 as a press photographer and in 2003 he joined Vijaya Karnataka as a press photographer. He was transfered to Mysore in 2004 and since then he is based here. For his exemplary service he was promoted as senior press photographer. Wild animals and nature photography are his interests. He has excelled in his field and has won many awards. His awards include...... 1. First award by Mysore Jouranalist Association in 2005 for best photography. 2. Best photography award by Karnataka Union of Working Journalist Association in 2006. 3. Two National and two State awards in 2008/09. 4. Award for Fire Jump photo at the National competition organised on the occasion of 150th year of the society by Photography Society of Chennai. 5. First place in Rural photography organised by Sagar photographic Society of Shivamogga district. 6. One medal and four certificates in 2009 from IIPC and PSA. 7. Award for Leopard Attack photo in 2010 by Photography Society of India. 8. One medal and four certificates in 2010 from IIPC and PSA for Pied Kingfisher with Prey photo. 9. First place in journalism by Jodhana Photo Journalist Society of Jodhpur, Rajasthan Contd. to Page 2 </li> <li> 2. 18-4-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, Last week we had a memorable meeting at Shakthidhama, a Women Rehabilitation Centre wherewe could understand lot of problems faced by women fraternity. After hearing to Madam Sumana oneof the trustees of the home we could see the other face of the society which needs to be addressedwith a priority. We were able to fulfill their requirements of 3 pedestal fans &amp; our Rotarians were sogenerous that we could give Rs.5,000/-as monetary support &amp; dinner was served to all the inmates. Ithank all the Rotarians for their liberal contributions. Today we have two Mysores proud journalistsMr. Shashi Kumar &amp; Mr. Nagesh Panathale who will be honored with Rotary Mysore Midtown SiliconJournalism Award. I on behalf of Midtown whole heartedly congratulate both of them.Bye till next week.Thank You Rtn. Raghavendra From the desk of Srinivasan JOURNALISM AWARD Contd. From Page 1 Dr. Prahlad asked me to edit and bring out the K.Shashikumar is the son of Sri bulletin last week because he was not available. I S.Kumar and Smt R.P.Shanthamma agreed to do it but was not confident, anyway I of Gundalpet.He is basically an consulted Sundar, Ramki, &amp; Bhanu and made a electrical engineer by qualification decent job of it. Again this week the same request but with a keen interest in from Dr. Prahlad. Do I see a pattern here? Or is he photography right from his school training me for this so that I will be ready when he days. Besides photography poetry, lays down the pen. In any case it benefits me and story writing, travelling and sports trains me for my post in the coming year as editor. are his hobbies. Initially his write-ups, poems and photos were published in the kannada weekly ALL IN THE FAMILY Taranga and English monthly Teenager and also Andolana newspaper. His writings were encouraged Every Wife is a "Mistress" for her Husband. by Andolana and he had a close association with it. "Miss" for one hour &amp; "Stress" for the rest 23 hours! Later in July 1997 he joined Andolana as a permanent There are 2 times when a Man doesnt understand journalist. a Woman. Mysore District Journalist association awarded Before Marriage and After Marriage. him Janakamma Venkatappa Gowda award for his My Husband And I Divorced Over Religious exclusive reporting in 2004. From then on he has won Differences. about 9 awards including Best Journalist Award , He Thought He Was God, and I Didnt. Mahatma Gandhi Award and Youth Award from Husband Throwing Darts at His Wifes Photo and Mysore District Journalist association. These awards Not Even a Single One Hitting the Target... From were awarded to him for his writings on wild life Another Room Wife Called The Husband: Honey protection, environmental awareness and human What Are You Doing... values. He has also had a hatrick of awards by winning Husband: "MISSING YOU"... awards for 3 years continuously from the Mysore THOUGHT FOR THE DAY... District Journalist Association. Women are like phones: He won the award Vanasuma in the year 2010 for They like to be held, talked to and touched often. But push the wrong button and youre his article titled Vanya jeevigale, dhayavittu disconnected....... mysoorige barabedi. The same year he also won the Difference Between Complete &amp; Finish... award from Karnataka Media Academy. For his People say there is no difference between exclusive reporting titled Jeeva bindhu mruthya COMPLETE &amp; FINISH. swaroopi pralayavadhaga won the award from the But there is... When you marry the right one, you Karnataka Media Academy. are COMPLETE.... And when you marry the By nature he is a friendly person and we wish that wrong one, you are FINISHED..... his services are available to the society at all times. </li> <li> 3. 3 18-4-2012 Report on Weekly Meeting accommodate 64 members and also has study and Sh a kt h id h a m a - Wo m en s welfa re a n d entertainment space. Training is provided in tailoring,rehabilitation centre, Mysore was chosen as the knitting, soft toys making, screen printing and hand thvenue for the clubs 34 weekly meeting. Rtn made greeting cards. The inmates are also taughtRagavendra along with joint secretary Rtn Narendra reading and writing, legal rights, right of women,Babu presided over the meeting and as community health and cleanliness. The center encourages andservice project 3 pedestal fans and Rs. 5,000/- cheque guides the women to take up higher studies. JSSwas handed over to the centre and dinner was also hospital provides free medical health care. Childrenserved to the inmates. Shakthidhama the name accompanying the women are also taken care by therelates to Shakthi or Women is providing to centre and placed in foster homes. The centre hasunderprivileged women in general. Smt Sumana, one acquired 4 acres of land adjacent to its existing facilityof the trustees, speaking on the occasion said that the and has plans to extend its activities to the communitycentre was started in the year 2000 on 1.7 acres of on a bigger scale. The government takes care of only aland given by JSS organization. It provides shelter to part of the expense in running the centre and all otherwomen who have been deprived of family protection expenses are dependent on contributions fromand who are subjected to inhuman treatment by donors. Any contribution to this centre is exemptedsociety. Its aim is to give immediate protection to under 80G of IT Act. The centre had FCRA clearance towomen who doesnt have a shelter over their head be accept international donation. Mr. G.S.Jayadeva is theit because of family problems, rape and prostitution managing trustee, Smt. Parvathamma Rajkumar is thevictims, law victims and unwed mothers who have president and Sri Devanur Mahadev is the trustee forbeen shunned from their families. The centre this organization.provides food, clothing and medical facilities free of The president should be thanked for arranging thecost. Apart from these immediate reliefs it also meeting at Shakthidhama which is doing yeomenprovides counseling, career guidance, vocational service to the society. The meeting was adjournedtraining, legal advice and police protection. Till now after handing over the pedestal fans and cheque tothe centre has provided rehabilitation for about 1500 the center. After the meeting was over Rotarians werewomen and has settled 4000 issues and has brought discussing with the centers personnel in what wayhope in their lives. they can contribute to the centre. Fellow Rotarians, She also mentioned that the center has 2 you can send your contribution cheques todormitories, well equipped kitchen, spacious dining Shakthidhama Womens Welfare and Rehabilitationhall and vocational training hall. The dormitories can Centre. Rtn Narashima handing over 3 pedestal fan to the Rtn Dr. Bheemesh handing over cheque for trustee. Rs 5,000/- to the trustee. </li> <li> 4. Happy Birthday The Rotarian talks with Muhammad Yunus, a speaker at the 2012 RI Convention Rtn. PHF. M.S. Naveen Chandra 19-04-2012 (Mobile: 9980782008)Wedding Anniversary In New York Citys Jackson Heights, Yunus helps Rtn. B.m. Devaiah &amp; P Bhavani .K. launch the first Grameen America branch. Five others 23-4-2012 Cell : 9980113409 are now open in the United States. Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, known as the banker for the poor, began transforming lives while an economics professor at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh. What began as personal microloans to poor women in nearby villages grew into Grameen Bank, which today has more than 2,500 branches throughout the country. Grameen Bank has helped launch or expand the businesses of more than 8 million borrowers 97 percent of Rtn. D.K. Manjunath &amp; Sumana them women. Yunus, a keynote speaker at the 2012 RI 24-4-2012 Cell : 9900223480 Convention, recently spoke with Warren Kalbacker, a frequent contributor to The Rotarian. Here is an excerpt of An old farmer wrote a letter to his the interview.JOKE innocent son in prison: The Rotarian: In 1976, you introduced the concept of"This year Im unable to plant potatoes microcredit, which involves providing loans of as little as abecause I cant dig the ground. I know if you few cents to individuals. Many businesspeople might bewere here you wouldve helped me." puzzled as to how lending such small amounts could beSon Replied: aeffective."You idiot, dont dig the ground, I have Yunus: Microcredit started in one village in Bangladesh.hidden the guns there." ... I was teaching economics, and the country was goingPolice read the letter, next day the ground through famine. I was frustrated because the economicwas dug by the police, searched for guns but theories I taught in the classroom didnt have any meaning innothing was found. the lives of poor people. I thought Id try to do something toSon wrote again: "Now plant your potatoes help individuals in the village next to the university campus. Idad, its the best I could do from here. noticed loan sharking in the village people lending money to the poor with terrible conditions attached. The sharks took Next Week in Midtown control of peoples lives. I thought I could solve this problem by lending money myself. I visited those who were BUSINESS MEETING borrowing from the loan sharks, and I made a list of 42 names. The total money they owed w...</li></ul>