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About Us - the inhouse bulletin of Rotary Mysore Midtown


<ul><li> 1. ISSUE : 31 VOLUME : 31 29-2-2012 PAGES - 4Tips On Events Mangement By Nandoo Nandoo was the speaker for the last weeks meeting. And he looked definitely elated and euphoric after the stupendous success of conducting Bharath Parva-The national convention of Builders Association of India. And he was all in eagerness to share his success and take the opportunity to explain to the young Rotarians and future leaders in the midtown the intricacies of event management. He started off modestly telling that he is not a teacher to teach anything new, yet he wanted all the youngsters to sit in the front and pay attention thus kept the audience in captive. He took us through the 30 years of midtown history and cited few mega events of the club which will be remembered for years to come. He himself was a part and parcel of many of these mega events. Following that he went into the details of organising a mega event starting from conceptualizing to funding, to forming committees, infrastructure, to delegating the responsibilities to supervising etc..Everything what Nandoo told looked familiar but it was a nice exercise putting everything in a proper prospective and analysing each and every step. His wast experience was definitely a lesson for others. He repeatedly emphasized the need for a change in each of the events we are conducting as we move on in years to come. His second half of the speech was highlights of the Bharath Parva- a multi crore mega event of BAI. The slide show gave us examples of how each and every aspect of the mega event was taken care meticulously and delivered with perfection. The colourful entertainment programme was carefully planned and beautifully executed. The strong united force of 250+ members of BAI, Mysore branch, Spoorthi- the ladies wing did a commendable job and more importantly many of the leaders in forefront were Rotarians. All in all it was a useful evening with gentle lessons and tips from the best event manager of the club Rtn.Nandakumar about the fine aspects of organising a show. </li> <li> 2. 29-2-2012 Presidents MessageMy Dear Rotarians, Last week Rtn. P.P. Nanda Kumar spoke about Event Management. He is ameticulous planner and no doubt Midtown can do lot of mega events under hisable leadership in future also. It is time to celebrate our Clubs Birthday. We are having our Charter-Nite on th7 of March. Rtn. Chittaranjan, President Rotary Mysore has accepted to beChief Guest &amp; PG Rtn. Jimfreemen from USA has accepted to be the Guest ofHonour. I request all of you with your family to be part of the celebration. After long time today let us discuss about Club Business.Bye till next week.. Rtn. RaghavendraThank You Weekend at Faith Estate,Kutta I was excited to attend my first ever Board meeting as a forest. Later we were told that the video of heroics of aMidtowner. Fifteen of us including non- resident Midtowner postman combating a lioness as it attacked the postmanRtn.Jim Freeman from USA started from RMA in 3 vehicles at unexpectedly, caught the fascination of not only our secretary,around 1.30pm on Sat, 25th Feb. No sooner than we left but many of us. Also wild life video of Kukkarahalli excitedMysore, we were all searching for a place to lunch as the food many. On the way, few spotted deers posed for our cameras.stacked in the car was inviting us with its aroma stoking up our When we arrived at Alagappan Sirs Faith Estate, hot Bajjishunger pangs. We stopped at a place 12 Kms nearer to Hunsur with steaming Coffee welcomed us in a sprawling bungalowwith some good shady trees. 2800ft above sea level. Sipping Coffee after a long drive just felt divine. Ralaxed, we set out for climbing one more hill-top 3200 ft above sea level. We reached the elevated place which gave a panoramic view of not only 800 acres vast Faith Estate, but also a glimpse of Kerala &amp; Karnataka Forests. Then, there was a photo-op with Jim Freeman. We went for a long walk in the evening up to the pulping yard. As we walked down, our shadows grew longer indicating that dusk spreading its wings all over. We had a look-in at the process of pulping &amp; curing. When we got back, it was quite dark &amp; finally started the board meeting! After marathon deliberations for more than an hour, meeting concluded with thanking our good host. We had a royal spread of a dinner with hot Dosas, fish specially ferried for us from Kerala thanks to Veerappan, the On the Top of the world Conspicuous by their absence were Caf Srinivas,Bhanuchandran &amp; Manoj. Seenannas absence was made upby sumptuous Biryani, Kebabs, Chapathis, Curd rice &amp; Basundifrom Caf Biryani. Add to that, sweets by Azeez-Ulla &amp; all yougot to do is take a nap as soon as you get into your car whichwe did promptly-except those who drove the cars. Kumarannadid some community service to a roadsider on the condition ofphoto-proof. Enroute, we stopped at Nagarahole for Tea sold by a forestwatchman. I watched how skillfully he washed the tea cups ina tub of water, hardly immersing the cups in Inch-deep water,added taste to the Tea. Venky, who was driving our vehicle,shifted to Raaghus vehicle as he wanted to see some wild life Group photo - after a long deliberationphotography done by Kumaranna on his mobile in Nagarahole Contd. to page 3 </li> <li> 3. 3 ....Kutta 29-2-2012 Jim Freeman Exclusive Community service by Kumaranna Jim at orientation meet - Vishwas Homecook. What is a meeting without drink &amp; dine? Few addedwine/whisky/ beer to their cups of joy, while some just hadCauvery &amp; Bisleri. One of my friends was not well. Still he raised the toast. So,I asked him if it is OK to drink as he is suffering from fever.. Hesaid, No, our doctor only has told me to drink Who is yourdoctor? I wondered. Dr.Vijay Malya was his reply! By the time we hit the bed, it was midnight! I was all along worried about my sleep as I had heardabout the snoring skills of some of my friends. Thank God,everyone slept silently and the only sound was that of eerie Jim at Lunch - Caf Biriyani, JLB Roadnight Morning breeze woke us up the next day One more long-walk was due, if only to prepare ourselvesto gorge on the spicy Pongal, hot Idlis &amp; crispy vadas for thebreakfast A few friends who had prior occupations left for Mysore.Nevertheless we continued our mission! I was like a lazy crocodile on the shore with a heavystomach slipping into a nap assisted by cool breeze fanningthrough the doors. I got up reluctantly but for good.Alagappan Sir arranged for a trip to neighbouring estate tohave the feel of the Kodava culture. Wow! It was another Jim at a Manchan - Kuttaworld altogether! Palacanda Aiyanna, of the neighborhoodis a proud owner of many trophies as souvenirs of hunting,including a tiger &amp; an elephant. He was kind enough to allowus to take snaps of his prized possessions. We took some snaps on Machans - platforms erected ontrees. Back to Faith Estate, we devoured on fish &amp; minced meatballs waiting for us. Watermelons specially selected by Vishwaadded color to the array of food. Finally, we started our journey back with the happymemories of Board Meeting &amp; heavy Eating. As we left, I was saddened to see a cloud of smokebillowing from the thick Nagarhole forest as forest fire burnt Black &amp; White Photo!!up some 500 acres of forest, mainly bamboo trees. Thank you all who made it &amp; sorry for those who could Rtn. Jim Freeman - Rotarian of Rotary club of Chandler Horizon, district 5510 and PDG district 5490 is in india andnot.- Thana Mohan with midtown and will be Guest of Honour for Charter Nite </li> <li> 4. Rotarians Have Reason To Celebrate As Rotary Reaches 107 Years Rtn. Rakesh Babu K.L. 1-03-2012 9342119667 Rtn. PHF. Deepak D.S. Solanki 2-03-2012 9845116835 Rtn. N. Narendra 2-03-2012 9845377670 Rtn. C. Sathish Babu The Turku Cathedral in Finland is illuminated with an End 4-03-2012 Polio Now message on 2 February during a benefit concert. 9880244649 Rotary clubs around the world are lighting up iconic structures with the End Polio Now message the week of 23 February to celebrate Rotarys anniversary. Rotarians have significant reasons to celebrate RotarysCharter Night on 7th March 107th anniversary on 23 February. Major gains have been made in the fight to eradicate Come prepared to participate in a polio, Rotarys top priority. In January, India reached a historicinteractive charter night, its going to be great milestone by marking a full year without recording a new casefun talking to stalwarts of Mid-Town and of polio. The country has been an epicenter of the cripplinglearn from their rich experiences. Added to the childhood disease. Worldwide, fewer than 650 polio cases were confirmedcelebration is the mid-town flavour of for 2011, less than half the 1,352 infections reported in 2010.uniqueness, Rest assured you are going to Overall, the annual number of polio cases has plummeted by"Enjoy". Not to mention the surprise jig that more than 99 percent since the initiative was launched inyou will be giving to our guest of honour 1988, when polio infected about 350,000 children a year. More than 2 billion children have been immunized in 122"Jim", (pssst : dont tell him). countries, preventing 5 million cases of paralysis and 250,000 Please attend and celebrate the Birthday deaths.of Mid-Town. Also in January, Rotary leaders announced that Rotary Venue: Golf Club. Time: 6.30 pm clubs raised more than US$200 million in response to a $355 million challenge grant from the Bill &amp; Melinda Gates Foundation. In recognition of Rotarys commitment, the Gates Foundation contributed an additional $50 million. All of Next Week in Midtown the resulting $605 million will be spent in support of immunization activities in polio-affected countries. Charter Nite Celebration Well celebrate this milestone, but it doesnt mean that well stop raising money or spreading the word about polio eradication, Rotary Foundation Trustee John F. Germ told at Golf Club Rotary leaders at the International Assembly in San Diego, California, USA. We cant stop until our entire world is Mysore @ 6.30pm certified as polio-free. </li> <li> 5. Wedding Anniversary Rtn. Venkatesh C.P &amp; Leelavathi R. . 22-2-2012 Cell : 9448022967 Rtn. Rajendra Babu M.K. &amp; Rasitha 26-2-2012 Cell : 9342184004Photo of the WeekLook Dear - Your AIM There ! I Am With You </li> </ul>