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  • Accelerate Sales by Utilising an Effective Digital Customer Experience in Your Next Residential ProjectMoor is a unique online service platform that allows developers to gain control over the customer service process, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. We offer process change as a turnkey service for residential development projects. Moor is easy to use and fast to implement. Why not make your next project an excellent experience for the customer?

  • Moor provides an uninterrupted flow of information through the produc-tion, marketing and selling of apartments, also enabling effective customer service to be delivered at every point in the process.

    The customer browses through apartments and the available choices for materials, equipment and fixtures. The service is accessible online, 24/7.

    The online service and easy configuration in-terface increase customer engagement and the probability of a purchase.

    The sales agent guides the customer and man-ages reservations, buyer-specific selections and agreements in one place, online.

    The productivity of the sales agent increases considerably and facilitates a well-managed process.

    The buyer personalises the home, using the visual online configurator. The price of the home is updated based on the selection. The buyer receives an email message containing all the in-formation on the future home and the selections made.

    An online bulletin board informs buyers on upcoming activities regarding their home and the project in general. It also contains all the relevant documentation related to such.

    The smooth service experience increases cus-tomer satisfaction and speeds up the process.

    The developer always has up-to-date informa-tion on materials, fixtures and the equipment needed for each apartment. The developer can then guide contractors with the up-to-date information, thus ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as keeping the project on-schedule and reducing costs.

    When the process is automated, errors are eliminated and purchases, deliveries and assem-blies are controlled.

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    A Well-Managed Sales and Production ProcessExcellent Customer Experience and Increased Productivity for Residential Projects

    We set up the online service and integrate it with the sales page of the marketer. Here is what we typically offer:

    Apartment layouts Materials library Product catalogue Creation of predefined themes and styles Rendering visualisations that reflect the project and company branding

    Moor is a centralised, Web-based plat-form. To access Moor, you only need a modern Web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.

    Moor is a visual home configuration tool for the buyer. The buyer can choose between different materials, equipment and fixtures before the purchase and see the results visually together with the cost.

    Moor creates an instant quote for the buyer.

    Moor is a production tool for the de-veloper. It contains up-to-date informa-tion for purchasing and planning and provides apartment-specific invento-ries.

    Moor is a centralised place for infor-mation and documents. It is a man-aged communication channel for all parties involved.

    Moor is a done for you service. The service covers the whole process from marketing to production.

    Fast to implement No need to buy, install or maintain special software The system enables collaboration between buyers,

    sellers and builders regardless of where they are The seller is able to serve buyers 24/7, which in-

    creases the number of sales leads Information is available for other company systems

    for better management

    Customers are engaged and committed throughout the process

    The customers experience is more transparent than before

    The service makes your company stand out against the competition

    You can earn more through upselling during the buying process

    The sales process is more efficient and takes less time than traditionally

    Online sales model gives the best price

    Scheduling and purchasing decisions are based on real-time data, which saves costs and eliminates errors

    Processes become more efficient and less prone to errors

    Decisions are based on current and correct information

    Optimal and cost-efficient use of resources at every stage of the process

    Fast to take into use and deploy with any project big or small

  • complete servicegreat value

    Sales presentations of apartments

    Home configurator

    Customer bulletin board

    Order management

    Production management

    Increased sales efficiency

    Lower costs

    Improved customer satisfaction