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<ul><li> 1. Your Efficiency Partner Your Light System Integrator About Tri-State Electric Tri State Electric is a licensed electrical contracting firm that provides Electrical Services to the Tri-State area. We have been perfecting our craft for over 25 years and are dedicated to giving our clients the absolute best in Electrical Service. Tri State Electric is a Light system integrator for Commercial and Public spaces, providing Energy efficient solution. Tri State Electric serves Fortune 500 companies </li></ul> <p> 2. Your Efficiency Partner Tri-state stands for: 3. Your Efficiency Partner The following presentation will help YOU save $$$$.-! 4. Your Efficiency Partner EN-LIGHTNING FACTSEN-LIGHTNING FACTS Commercial buildings and their energy demand 5. Your Efficiency Partner Sea Level rise +1m effects the coast (in red) New York City Long Beach Atlantic City Wildwoo d Montauk New Haven Weiss and Overpeck, University of Arizona Help us reduce 1m! 6. Your Efficiency Partner Did you know? commercial buildings account for 18 percent of the nations energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Source: http://architecture2030.org 7. Your Efficiency Partner Did you know? "The road to energy independence, economic recovery and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions runs through the Building Sector." -Edward Mazria- architect, author and educator 8. Your Efficiency Partner Energy consumption Source: Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey. 20032003 One-third of total energyOne-third of total energy was consumed by office andwas consumed by office and mercantile buildingsmercantile buildings 9. Your Efficiency Partner Energy demand +20% In 1992, the electricity estimate dropped to 39 thousand andIn 1992, the electricity estimate dropped to 39 thousand and then began a steady increase to 51 thousand in 2003 asthen began a steady increase to 51 thousand in 2003 as demand for more services that use electricity increased.demand for more services that use electricity increased. Source: Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey. 10. Your Efficiency Partner 21% consumed for light More than half ofMore than half of energyenergy consumed inconsumed in commercialcommercial buildings is usedbuildings is used for space heatingfor space heating and lighting.and lighting. Source: Energy Information Administration, 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey. 11. Your Efficiency Partner $EE more $PEND LE$$ 12. Your Efficiency Partner Commercial needs? More light brightness per SQFT Lower Electricity bills less heat emission in freezer or cooler Lower maintenance cost Increased product visibility Save Energy Fast payback in light improvement More light power from the same grid Save Monies and Reinvest 13. Your Efficiency Partner LED Fluorescent Style Lights These LED Fluorescent Style Lights are mainly used in municipal and commercial office settings, parking garages, showrooms, factories, hotels, schools, and home lighting. It is solid-state lighting (SSL), with very low power consumption and it is very durable with extremely long life of 5 Year/50,000+ hrs. 14. Your Efficiency Partner LEDs vs FLTs 15. Your Efficiency Partner LED vs Fluorescent 16. Your Efficiency Partner Lost of brightness over time in % 17. Your Efficiency Partner Data comparison As you can see we are comparing brand name quality Fluorescence bulbs with the TK (LTHS) with professional Lux-meter 18. Your Efficiency Partner Cost facts 19. Your Efficiency Partner About COLOR? 10,000K - A very high CCT used in horticulture and aquarium applications. 6,000-6,500K - A high CCT daylight source used to simulate average outdoor light conditions. 5,000K - Enhances blues, dulls reds, and imparts a bluish tint to whites and greens. Used mainly in museums, jewelry stores, and hospitals. 3,700K-4,000K - Neutral colored light. Enhances colors equally without emphasizing yellow or blue. Used mainly in showrooms, bookstores, and office areas. 3,000K-3,200K - Most commonly used in homes but also in libraries, office areas, and retail stores. 2,700K - Used in restaurants, hotel lobbies, boutiques, and homes. 20. Your Efficiency Partner CFL bulbs &amp; Mercury Compact fluorescent bulbs are made of glass tubes filled with gas and a small amount of mercury. CFLs produce light when the mercury molecules are excited by electricity running between two electrodes in the base of the bulb. The mercury emits ultraviolet light, which in turn excites the tubes phosphor coating, leading it to emit visible light. Each bulb contains an average of 5 mg of mercury, a Hg thermometer contains 500mg 21. Your Efficiency Partner U.S.Code Acceptance As with any electrical device, LED fixtures must be listed for use such as with a testing laboratory label. LEDs are not specifically referenced in building codes. 22. Your Efficiency Partner Efficiency comparison 23. Your Efficiency Partner Efficiency comparison The field of photonics starts with the efficient generation of light. The generation of efficient yet highly controllable light can indeed be accomplished with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are, in principle, capable of generating white light with a 20 times greater efficiency than conventional light bulbs. Deployed on a global scale to replace conventional sources, such solid-state light sources will result in enormous benefits that, over a period of 10 years, include 1. gigantic energy savings of 1.9 X 1020 joule, 2. very substantial reduction in global-warming CO2 emissions, 3. a strong reduction in the emission of pollutants such as acid-rain- causing SO2 , mercury (Hg), and uranium (U), and financial savings exceeding a trillion (1012 ) US$. 24. Your Efficiency Partner 30 Garden Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801 hone: (866) 947-3252 Fax: (914) 712-1151 Please also Visit our web blog And our web site www.tri-state-electric.com Thank you ! </p>