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Aberdeen LLC is a leading manufacturer of Servers, Storage Servers, NAS, SAN and DAS Storage Arrays and a pioneer in developing innovative high performance Intel Xeon-based servers and expandable storage server solutions. Aberdeen can customize storage servers to scale beyond 1 Petabyte delivering exceptional performance, unparalleled reliability and outstanding value. Aberdeens award winning products feature an unrivaled 5-Year warranty and are deployed every day by IT departments in many of the worlds largest organizations.


  • 1. Founded in 1991 Leading manufacturer of Servers and Storage Serving the World from Southern California Industry leading 5 Year Warranty on all customservers and configured storage, free of charge. Highly rated and reviewed in the pressAberdeen thinks big. PC MagazineMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential2

2. Over 130,000 active customer accountsin every major industry 63% of Fortune 100 companies useAberdeen custom servers and storage 9 of the top 10 resellers in the USA have partnered with Aberdeen, sellingAberdeen servers and storage units totheir valued clientsMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 3 3. Aberdeen custom servers and storage continue to makeheadlines in the leading industry magazines, journals andtechnical websites.Ultimate Linux Server: Aberdeen Stonehaven A261T Linux JournalCRN Test Center Recommended: Aberdeen Stonehaven A381 CRNHonorable mention: Aberdeen Stirling 229 2U Server PC MagazineMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential4 4. Finalist Best Servers: Aberdeen Stonehaven A261 LinuxWorld Product Excellence Awards Four and a half stars: Aberdeen Stonehaven A261S 2U Server PC MagazineFour stars: Aberdeen AberNAS 211 PC Magazine The results were eye-opening. The Aberdeen Stonehaven A261S garnered the highest WebBench numbers we have seen to date. PC MagazineMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential5 5. Aberdeen is a valuable player in the server and storage market even up against industry giants like HP and Dell. We offer niche products like our Linux based NAS and we were proudly one of the first server companies to become VMware certified. More than ever companies in all industries are in search of the same high level products, first class service and support with a more competitive pricing, making Aberdeen a perfect fit for the solutions companies are looking for. Boasting 10 years under our belt in the server and storage market, we go head-to-head against Dell, HP and IBM everydayand WINConsistently viewed by the press as worthwhile alternative to Dell, HP and IBMOnly four server vendors in 2008 PC Magazine Dell, HP, IBM and AberdeenOnly five server vendors in 2003 annual PC Magazine server roundup Dell, HP,IBM, MPC (formerly Micron) and AberdeenJuly 2009 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 6 6. March 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 7 7. A Full 5 Years from Date of Shipment on ALL fully configured Servers & StorageoReturn to FactoryoAll parts included and coveredoAll labor included and coveredoAccess to the Aberdeen Technical Team (email/phone) o Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PSTo Access to Aberdeen customer service and sales support o Monday-Friday 6am-6pm PST 30 Day Advance Exchange Replacement program Low-Cost Spare Parts Program Optional Extended Advance Exchange Optional On-Site Warranty Service OptionalMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 8 8. Custom configurationServersStorage ServersNetwork Attached StorageWorkstations Switches, KVMs, UPSs Software installed, tested and ready Built, configured, tested and supported in the USA Pre-wired, pre-configured, plug and play Palletized and shipped anywhere in the worldMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential9 9. Whether your requirement is driven by physical size, storage capacity, performance, price or all of the above, Aberdeen stands uniquely ready to custom tailor computer servers and storage servers to precisely meet your exact needs. Aberdeen offers a vast array of cost-effective, high performance, high reliability general purpose servers and storage servers. Regardless of the size of your company or magnitude of your requirements, Aberdeen can customize servers to meet your exact needs. Starting with anything from a 1U, all the way up to an 8U form factor, you can build upon one of our barebones configurations or customize your server from the ground up. We are so confident in the quality of our servers; every Aberdeen server ships with our industry leading 5-year warranty. Complete customization, ultra high performance and unparalleled reliability at a highly competitive price.March 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential10 10. Custom 1U Servers: Entry level up to High Performance Options: Intel or AMD/ Expandability / Redundancy / Price SATA, SAS, SCSI and Fibre available. Solid State Drives (SSD) also available Dual & Quad Node Systems: Manage up to 4 nodes in a single system Quad Nodes allows for up to 8 processors and 32 cores in 2U. Cable-less, hot-swap and hot-pluggable make management easy Workstations: Tower & Rack Ready Ultra-quiet designs / Multi-Core Ready / Expandable / Redundant Upgradeable graphics, memory & processor = MORE POWER! Custom Storage Servers: Up to 100TB in a 8U 3U, 5U, 6U and 8U form factors / Redundant / Reliable / Award winning Expand beyond 300TB using external SAS connections to MORE storageMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 11 11. Scalability: With AberSAN Z-Series you canscale performance the same way that you scaleperformance of other applications by adding tohardware performance by increasing memoryavailable or CPU performance or the number oftargets available.Multi-level data protection:AberSAN Z-Series protects your organizationsdata with features and capabilities ranging fromthe most granular, per transaction data integritychecks to higher level backup and disasterrecovery capabilities. Inherent virtualization: AberSAN Z-Series is built from the ground up on the revolutionary file system ZFS which means that virtualization is at the core of AberSAN Z-Series. This virtualization enables thin provisioning and also improves performance via I/O pooling. This means that when you add more disks or systems to AberSAN Z-Series the overall solution accelerates. Another benefit of AberSAN Z-Series is that it can run within VMware or other virtualized environments.July 2009 Aberdeen LLC Confidential12 12. The AberSAN Z-Series products come standard with: Shared pools of storage from any combination of hardware Unlimited snapshots and clones Unlimited file size Block and file based replication End to end data integrity Thin provisioning Integrated search Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs Virtualization management Cloud ready storage capabilities In-line Deduplication iSCSI Target Capable Additional AberSAN features canbe included at the time ofpurchase or at a later dateJuly 2009 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 13 13. AberNAS XDAS Aberdeen SAN 1U up to 8U options Fibre, SAS, iSCSI, SATA Basic & redundant solutions Intel Quad-Core Power Redundant Controllers Server + Switch + Storage Windows & Linux OS Expandable to over 400TB Cabling and HBAs included Customizable to your needs Snapshots, SMS and more Redundant RAID storage Expandable to over 400TB Fast, Reliable & Respected OS and PlatformIndependentMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 14 14. Aberdeen LLC 9130 Norwalk Blvd. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-2534 Sales: 800-552-6868 Direct: 562-699-6998Fax: 562-695-5570 Sales Hours: M-F, 6am-5pm PST GSA Contract: #GS-35F-0849R GSA Pricing ScheduleMarch 2010 Aberdeen LLC Confidential 15