Abi's 10th Birthday Disaster

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This book is about a 9 year old girl having her birthday but everything doest turn out the way she plans out lets just say someone had to go to hospital.


<ul><li><p>AbiS 10th Birthday Disaster</p></li><li><p>Hurry up mum Abi screamed at the top of her lungs from the car. We need to get to my birthday party before all my </p><p>friends do! She shouted again with so much anger she looked like a ripe tomato on a mid summer day. </p><p> Once they arrived at the Magnificent Pizzzzzzzzza House Abi stopped and stared at the sign . It was all wonky, she wasn't sure if this was the right place. It </p><p>didn't look like the catalog. Well anyway she walked in. Cobwebs and spiders were on the old crusted wooden chairs.There was mucky pizza on the floor and on the tables it smelled like dead rats. It was gross. She felt </p><p>like she was in Alcatraz prison but worse.She told her mum Mum i can not have my party here. It is just too </p><p>DISGUSTING.</p><p>I know dear. I will go and talk to the manager and see why this is such a mess, mom replied disappointedly. Right at that second all of Abis friends walked in the door and they </p><p>yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY . They looked startled when they saw how the restaurant looked. The looks on their faces were like they just saw a halloween ghost fly through the </p><p>walls.</p></li><li><p>Abi didn't know what to do. Everyone one was bummed out so she just tried to make the best of it things. She said </p><p>Guys I know this isn't exactly the way she planned it, but we haven't tried the food yet .The food might be amazing. </p><p>The waiter came out with some plates full of food.The food </p><p>BUT THEN mum walked out, she looked furious. Abi asked her if she was okay but she didn't answer. Abi thought to </p><p>herself what could have gone wrong? Then mum </p><p>! She went to find mum. But she disappeared. so she had no clue where she went ,so Abi thought of an idea to find </p><p>her mum. Abi stood up on a chair and shouted as hard as she could the first party game is here , the game is, who </p><p>ever can find my mum first gets a prize , before i sed prize they were all gone so she got of the crummy old chair . </p><p>And started looking because Abi needed to find her mum because she actually didn't have a prize unless a piece of </p><p>old gum that has been sitting in her pocket for a week, i have nothing so first she went to look in the bathroom. But </p><p>there were already loads of people there so Abi wasn't gonna go in there, she couldn't find her at all she looked in </p><p>Abi replied saying nothing, she forgot. Well, she thought to herself again am i having my birthday here?</p></li><li><p>After an hour Abi called everyone into the middle of the restaurant and she asked in a very nervous voicediiid </p><p>Her friends replied NO we looked everywhere they replied in a big sigh .Abi was wondering where Kika (KIKA </p><p>Kika walked in right at that second saying Abi i just saw your mum she was hopping in a taxi going off to the </p><p>Abi interrupted her saying WHAT WHY? </p><p>Kika told her she went in the kitchen to talk to the manager and while she was walking in she saw a rat. She </p><p>was scared so she ran away ,but she slipped on an old piece of pizza and fell down and hurt her head !But she </p><p>said she will be fine, and you should carry on having your </p></li><li><p>Abis mum was fine and they carried on having a great life. </p><p>!This was based on a real story. </p><p>!!</p><p>????????</p></li></ul>


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