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<ul><li> 1. 1ABBA J. KASTIN, M.D.Professor and Endowed Chair, Pennington Biomedical Research CenterEditor-in-Chief, PeptidesEditor, Handbook of Biologically Active PeptidesPresident, the International Neuropeptide Society EDUCATION A.B. Harvard College, 1956 M.D. Harvard Medical School, 1960 TRAINING 7/60 - 7/62Residency in Medicine, Vanderbilt University Hospital 7/62 - 9/64Clinical Associate, Endocrinology Branch, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health 9/64 - 1/65Special NIH Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Andrew V. Schally ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS 7/61 - 7/62Assistant, Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University 9/64 - 1/65Assistant, Department of Medicine, Tulane University 1/65 - 7/66Instructor, Department of Medicine, Tulane University 7/66 - 7/71Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Tulane University 7/71 - 7/74Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Tulane University 7/74 - 7/04Professor, Department of Medicine, Tulane University 7/86 - 7/04Professor, Neuroscience Training Program, Tulane University 1 </li></ul><p> 2. 7/86 9/06 Consulting Professor, Department ofPsychology,University of New Orleans 8/04 - present Professor and Endowed Chair, Pennington BiomedicalResearch Center, Louisiana State University Systems HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS Veterans Administration Hospital: 9/64 - 1/65 Medical Research Fellow 1/65 - 1/68 Clinical Investigator 7/66 - 1/68 Clinical Consultant in Endocrinology 1/68 - 7/04 Chief, Endocrinology Section Charity Hospital: 7/66 - 7/69 Assistant Visiting Physician 7/69 - 7/79 Visiting Physician 7/79 - 7/89 Senior Visiting Physician HONORARY DEGREES1980 Doctorate (Honoris Causa), National University (Federico Villarreal) of Peru1984 Doctorate of Science (Honoris Causa), University of New Orleans2008 Doctorate (Honoris Causa), Uppsala University, Sweden HONORARY SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS1966 La Societe de Dermo-Chimie1970 Chilean Society of Endocrinology1976 Philippine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism2 3. 1980 Peruvian Ob/Gyn Society1980 Peruvian Endocrine Society1980 Polish Endocrine Society1984 Hungarian Endocrine Society2006 Brazilian Society of Toxinology (SBTx)2008 Indian Society for Comparative EndocrinologyAWARDS1975 Federal Business Association "Eagle" Award and Key to the City of New Orleans1975 Recipient (with Dr. A.V. Schally), Edward T. Tyler Fertility Award1979 Copernicus Medal of the Medical Faculty of Krakow, Poland1981 Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame (First Annual Induction), Cleveland HeightsHigh School1982 William S. Middletown Award2001 Strand Award2007 Honorary Professor, The Peking University Health Science Center MISCELLANEOUS1978 Most cited scientist list, Institute for Scientific Information, Current Contents, 7/10/78;Science 202: 296, 1978-top 300; Current Contents 10/12/81-top 100; The Scientist3/19/90-top 1001980 - presentFounding Editor-in-Chief, Peptides, an international journal1980s presentNominator: Japan Prize, Kyoto Prize, International Prize for Biology 3 4. 1993 - presentPresident, International Neuropeptide Society2006 Editor, Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides. Elsevier, San Diego. SPECIAL LECTURES1984 XVI International Congress of the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology,Vienna, Austria 1984 International Symposium on Nonmammalian Peptides, Rome, Italy1984 4th International Symposium on Psychoneuroendocrinology in Reproduction, Verona,Italy1986 Talmage Lecture, 4th Annual Aspen Allergy Conference1989 10th Annual Winter Neuropeptide Conference, Anniversary Decade (also BanquetSpeaker, 1st Winter Conference)1989-90 Welcome Visiting Professor (FASB), East Tennessee State University1992 1st meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Neuroscience1992 Inaugural Summer Neuropeptide Conference1994 15th Anniversary Meeting of the Winter Neuropeptide Conference1995 5th Anniversary Meeting of the Summer Neuropeptide Conference1995 International Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference, Israel (summation)2001 Joint meeting of European and American neuropeptide groups, Israel2001 International Narcotic Research Conference, Helsinki2004 Jim Flood Memorial Lecture, 15th Annual St Louis University Summer Geriatric Institute2004 International Narcotics Research Conference, Sendai and Kyoto, Japan2007 X International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil4 5. 2007 Kalra Brain-Body Dialogue Lecture, University of FloridaADVISORY BOARDS7/74 - 7/77National Pituitary Agency1/78 - 12/81 National Association for Retarded Citizens2/79 - 12/80 Food and Drug Association7/84 - 12/95 Pre-reviewer in Endocrinology, Residency Review Committee for InternalMedicine, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education10/11/89 Congressional testimony, U.S. House of Representatives, representing AmericanFederation for Clinical Research.1/98 - 12/03 Self-Assessment Committee, AMA Accreditation Program (AMA).1/98 - present Bar-Ilan University-Tel Hashomer Brain Research Center, Israel EDITORIAL BOARDS1/76-1/80Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. 1/76-4/95 Brain Research Bulletin1/77-12/95 Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews7/85- 1/01 New Trends in Experimental and Clinical Psychiatry 3/88-3/90 Progress in NeuroEndocrinImmunology 1/89-1/95 Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior 1/90-1/95 Molecular and Cellular Neurosciences1/93-1/95Physiology and Behavior 1/94-12/04Endocrine Practice7/95-6/00Neuroimmunomodulation5 6. 7/96-12/00 Sulzberger &amp; Graham Publishing, Ltd., Professional Books inPharmacology, Neuroscience and Biomedical Sciences 1/99-present Hanwood Academic Publishers, Book Series: Nutrition, Brain, andBehavior1/03-present Current Pharmaceutical Design1/04-1/07Medicinal Chemistry Reviews Online8/07-present Clinical Medicine: Endocrinology and Diabetes TEACHING1976-77Distinguished Scientist Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, Tulane UniversitySchool of Medicine1977-1996 Outstanding Teacher Award, Tulane medical students Owl Club1995Guest of Honor, Research Day in Medicine, LSU Medical Center1997Visiting Senior Scientist, JSPS/NIH, Japan SOCIETIES1964 American Federation for Clinical Research1965 The Endocrine Society1965 American Association for Advancement of Science1966 American Physiological Society1967 Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine1969 Society for Neuroscience1970 International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology1972 International Society of Neuroendocrinology (Charter Member)6 7. 1978International Pigment Cell Society (Charter Member)1990American Peptide Society (Charter Member)1990American Geriatrics Society1991American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (Charter Member)1992International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (Council, 1992-1994; Fellow)1993The International Neuropeptide Society (President, 1993-present)1994Council of Biology Editors (Editorial Policy Committee, 1998-2001)1995American College of Endocrinology (Fellow) CIVIC/COMMUNITYGreen Wave Masters Swim Club (President, 1978 1984)Civic Symphony Orchestra of New Orleans(President, 1990; Chairman, Nominating Committee, 1991 2005)Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans (Board of Trustees, 1982 1988)Harvard Club of Louisiana (President, 1991-1995; Chairman, Advisory Committee, 1996 present)Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (Advisory Board, 1997 present)Opra Louisiane (Board of Directors, 2007 present)Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra (Board of Directors, 2007 present)Visual Arts Visiting Committee, Loyola University, New Orleans (2004 2007)Special Combined Music and Visual Arts Visiting Committee, Loyola University, New Orleans (2007 present) 7 8. 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