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AAE 450 - Senior Design. Alec Spencer Pressurized Rover Preliminary Design Review 13 Feb 01. Science. Long Range Exploration Strategy Long Range Pressurized Rover Capabilities Redundancy Greenhouse Concepts. Long Range Exploration. Initially focus on scouting (6 months) Scout geology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • AAE 450 - Senior DesignAlec SpencerPressurized RoverPreliminary Design Review13 Feb 01

  • ScienceLong Range Exploration StrategyLong Range Pressurized RoverCapabilitiesRedundancyGreenhouse Concepts

  • Long Range ExplorationInitially focus on scouting (6 months)Scout geologyChart water tableFocus on key sites (6 months)Scientist discretion

  • Rover CapabilitiesDesign Specifications

    Range: 1000+ kmCrew: 2 (4 in emergency)Duration: 10 days (30 in emergency)

  • Rover CapabilitiesClearance: 0.85 mMaximum speed: 40 kphMaximum slope: 60o *Maximum side-hill angle: 45oTurning radius: 10 m

  • FeaturesControlJoystickModular Electronic designRemote control capabilitiesScienceMeteorology (autonomous)Sonar or radar mapping (autonomous)Drilling or core samples

  • FeaturesExternal roll cage4 x 6 drive 3 computer stationsShower and chemical toilet

  • System RedundancyPropulsionMain methanol engineMethanol and O2 diesel cycleCO2 bufferMain source of heatingElectricEmergency power to return to HABActs as generator when not in use

  • System RedundancyPower systemsGenerator powered by engineElectric engine as generator(Fuel Cell)Batteries

  • System RedundancyAirlockEmergency shelter in case of hull breachDoubles as toilet and showerSuit design

  • GreenhouseWeightLightweight if inflatableShieldingUV levels too high for plant lifeShielding for a large structure would be prohibitive


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