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<ul><li> 1. Kiwanis Care CentreShahla Banki, KCC Resident Care Coordinatorshahla.banki@vch.caSara Gilbert, KCC Managersara.gilbert@vch.ca</li></ul> <p> 2. Kiwanis Care Centre 3. Hand Hygiene Resident TeamCreating a Culture of Quality 4. In the BeginningPurpose: Vancouver Coastal Health to promote wellness and Residential Hand Hygiene Review Tool Observer Name: Form No when reviewing audit reduce infection. Date:Residential Care Unit/location: Start Time:End Time: Care/Support Providers (CSP) Categories: 1 = Physician; 2 = Nurse (RN, LPN, Care Aides and nursing students); 3 = Health Providers (OT, PT, Rec. Therapy, Social Work, Pharmacy, Lab etc) 4= Support Staff (Unit clerks; Aramark, Sodexo, Maintenance) 5= Volunteers, Visitors;Goal:6= Others Obs CSP Before/After Contact with patient/ environment Completed MissedGloves ObsHCPBefore/After Contact withpatient/environment CompletedMissedGloves withoutwithout hh hh 100% compliance with116217318 hand hygiene.41952062172282392410 2511 2612 2713 2814 2915 30Audit Tool:TotalTotal % of compliance with hand washing= # of complete#of observations Obs = observation of one person using hand hygiene or hand washing Completed = appropriate hand hygiene was performed. Missed = no hand hygiene was performed. Gloves without hand hygiene (Gloves without hh) = staff member used gloves without performing hand hygiene before putting gloves on and/or after removing gloves (each is counted as a separate observation). Compliance = total completed observations/total observations. Glove use = total gloves without hand hygiene/total observations RCC Recommendations:_______________________________________________________________ Action Item: Date completed __________________________________________________________ 5. ImplementationBaseline: Range on units: 53% to 83% compliance. Overall Average Nov 2009: 62% compliance. 6. Education 1 week education blitz: poster, brochure, etc Install Microsan Dispensers In-services (all staff/shifts, contractedproviders, volunteers etc) 7. Monitor KCC Hand Washing Audit Results 120% 100% 80%Percentage 60% 40% 20%0%Baseline 2009 Average 2009 Average 2010 Average 2011 January 2012 8. Culture of Quality Continues Infection Control Advisory CommitteeMeetings Resident Hand Hygiene Project Dining Room Hygiene Project 9. Resident Hand Hygiene Station 10. Spreading the Word VCH Connect News (May 6, 2011)Sheila Browing, Regional Coordinator, Hand Hygiene Program The VCH Hand Hygiene Program would like to spotlight the staff, residents, families and visitors of the Kiwanis Care Home for their outstanding hand hygiene. Since theybegan auditing in January 2010, the results haveconsistently been over 90% compliance.Congratulations andkeep up the great work! Accreditation recognition (Nov 2011) The Kiwanis Care Centre, a unique hand washing program using volunteer residents was developed and implemented and resulted in the achievement of 98% compliance on audit. Seniors Leadership Team (Dec 2011) 11. Questions</p>