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By: Dionna ScottChelsea SotoBriana EdwardsNarvis Kennel

YooHoo, the brand we all know and once loved is making a comeback. No more outdated childhood memories. The new way to yooHoo is one that lets you be who you are.Through the new community of events & social platforms we have reconnected our audience to their beloved YooHoo.


Key Insights From ResearchPersonasNew Strategies & PositioningIA (Site Map)Creative Ways InMood BoardsWireframesSocial Networking StrategiesTactical Recommendations

Current Activity

To remind users of Yoo-Hoo's longstanding presence in American pop culture.

To target middle-school and young teens with a funny viral campaign.


Research Results

Insights social media is the new thing

consumers are willing to communicate and participate with brands if they are in their comfort zones (social sights)

our younger audience knows nothing about yoo-hoo except that their older siblings drink it, which lead to their first experiences

our older target knows its nostalgic but only drinks it on occasion.. yoo-hoo is a forgotten brand

users like being involved with things that relate to them

Recommendations Position Yoo-Hoo as an attractive, trendy, and versatile lifestyle brand that can offer users unique experiences and a rich community anchored by rich content.

Branded events that bring targeted audience togetherStrong social media presence highlighted by relevant contentDistinctive and completely redesigned brand voice

Start digital initiativesPartner with different events to reach target audienceStart digital campaign across many channels to increase their reachCreate an immersive mobile site. Make social media accounts and gain followers

Munchie Master Mark

Trendsetting millennial who uses social media to connect with brands that enhance his lifestyle.

He wants to be in the know on the new drink recipes, events, food crazes, and music artists.

Hes familiar with Yoo-Hoo because hes grown up with it, but doesnt have a reason to interact with the brand now.

Users like this can elevate Yoo-Hoos brand perception and image.

Outcast Sammie

Teenage with a sense of rebellion and individualism.

Uses social media to create communities based on shared interests.

Takes pride in the fact that her interests are not mainstream.

Wants a brand that can bring her closer to her interests

Tapping into a teenage demographic in a unique way can help Yoo-Hoo to increase market share in the category.

The Drink of RebelsFor the outcasts, the rebels, and the black sheep. Were building a community for the ones who dont fit in. If you march to the beat of a different drum, Yoo-Hoo wants to march with you. We want to keep alive the spirit of the individual. Yoo-Hoo knows what its like to not be mainstream, and we want to capitalize on that spirit of the brand.

A New Twist on a cult classicYour favorite childhood snack is back with some new moves.The Yoo-Hoo you grew up with, has grown up a little bit too. Its not just an afternoon snack, now its a conversation starter, and a key ingredient in innovation. Yoo-Hoo has known fun since 1926, thats why our events are going to be popular.

Site Map


Tactics & Recommendations

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Urban Outfitters Photo Booth

We feel that these strategies and plans are exactly the touch of fresh air that Yoo Hoo needs to position themselves as lifestyle brand. Weve compiled research and personal experiences to appeal to the rebel teens and trendsetting millennial. Our interactive platform fulfills the desires of both audiences with innovative experiences that will bring YooHoo back to life.