A walk in cairo egypt

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Μια βολτα στο Καιρο


<ul><li> 1. A WALK IN CAIRO Another Presentationand Pictures by Mike SharobimKanoun Music by Mansi</li></ul> <p> 2. Badiaa Bridge to Dokki 3. Groppi tea house 4. Soliman Pacha / Tallat Harb square 5. Cinema MiamiBrazilian coffee store 6. Excelsiorsandwiches 7. Cinema Metro 8. Bamboo(only the name remains) 9. A LAmericaine (troispetit cochons) 10. Cinema Diana palace 11. Gattegno crystals 12. Moustafa Kamel square 13. Emad el Din Street 14. Dahabia at Embabafrom bridge 15. Raffa In Zamalek 16. The Nile at Garden City 17. Market inOld Cairo 18. Tarbouche Press 19. Khan Khalil souk 20. Karoob Vendor in Azhar 21. The EndModern Rod El Farag</p>