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<p>A Trip to Chicago</p> <p>A Trip to Chicago By: Erica Reed</p> <p>Trip Route</p> <p>Main Destination: Dylans candy bar Facts:Holds over 7,000 items of candy Can get a chocolate bar with your name on the label Carry candy in different containers like gummy bars, soda cans, paint cans, cupcakes, etc.</p> <p>Water Tower place Has an escalator that has a mini water fall next to it Has over 99 stores in it Offers same day delivery </p> <p>Ginos East pizza Get a fresh deep dish pizzaYou are allowed to leave a message on the wall One of the most popular pizza place in Chicago</p> <p>GHIRARDELLI Chocolate Store Free samples in store Founder was Domingo GhiradeliHave their own ice cream parlor </p> <p>Dusable Museum of African American History Holds over 15,000 pieces of paintings, sculptures, print works and historical memorabilia The Dusable Mobile museum is a interactive exhibit that explores life and times of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, an African Haitian, who in 1779 became the first non-native person to establish a permanent settlement in Chicago.Offers educational programs using exhibits </p>