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A Trip to Chicago

A Trip to Chicago By: Erica Reed

Trip Route

Main Destination: Dylans candy bar Facts:Holds over 7,000 items of candy Can get a chocolate bar with your name on the label Carry candy in different containers like gummy bars, soda cans, paint cans, cupcakes, etc.

Water Tower place Has an escalator that has a mini water fall next to it Has over 99 stores in it Offers same day delivery

Ginos East pizza Get a fresh deep dish pizzaYou are allowed to leave a message on the wall One of the most popular pizza place in Chicago

GHIRARDELLI Chocolate Store Free samples in store Founder was Domingo GhiradeliHave their own ice cream parlor

Dusable Museum of African American History Holds over 15,000 pieces of paintings, sculptures, print works and historical memorabilia The Dusable Mobile museum is a interactive exhibit that explores life and times of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, an African Haitian, who in 1779 became the first non-native person to establish a permanent settlement in Chicago.Offers educational programs using exhibits