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  • 1. A Trip to Angora FallsField assignment by Jessica Martinez

2. The Lake Tahoe Basin 3. The Lake Tahoe Basin Started its creation approximately 230 millionyears ago The North American plate collided with thePacific Plate, which slid under the NorthAmerican plate (subduction) Subduction created the uplift of the SierraNevadas About 25 million years ago volcanic activity andfaults were a result of the plates sliding past oneanother (shaped the basin)Quinn 2006 p32 4. Fallen Leaf Lake 5. Angora Ridge 6. The Formation of Fallen Leaf and TheAngora Ridge Products of glaciation Last know glacier of the area was about 8,000years ago Glaciers deposit sediment or moraines on theoutside of the bend (as do rivers) Angora Ridge is an example of a medialmoraineQuinn 2006 p32 7. Snow Plant (sarcodes sanguinea) Myco-hetrotrophic Derives from undergroundfungi associated withadjacent trees Evolves from mutualisticautotrophic mycorrhizalplants 8. Snow Plant continued Evolutionary mutations allowed them to stopproducing photosynthesis Can survive solely on underground fungi Survives on selected fungi, may die from hostjumping Evolved over 40 times within plant lineageMerckx 2009 9. Mullein (verbascum thapsus) Of figwort family Grows and spreads fromnative environment tonew introducedenvironments Adaption to newenvironments allows theweeds to grow fast andbetter defend its selfKumschich, 2013 10. Metamorphic rock Slate Smooth texture caused bypressure and heat ofmagma Minerals are arranged inplanes Forces have deformed itover time 11. Igneous rock Granite Phaneritic textureindicates slower coolingin plutons Dark fragments indicateinclusions Magma melted parts ofrock 12. references Kumschick, S., Hufbauer, R. A., Alba, C.,Blumenthal, D. M., & Prentice, H. C. (2013).Evolution of fast-growing and more resistantphenotypes in introduced common mullein (Verbascum thapsus). Journal OfEcology,101(2), 378-387. doi:10.1111/1365-2745.12044 Marckx, Vincent 2009http://aob.oxfordjournals.org/content/104/7/1255.full 13. continued Quinn, Charles, A Nature Guide to theSouthwest Basin. 2006http://books.google.com/books?id=r2N51B-EApAC&dq=fuzzy+leaf+plants+in+lake+tahoe