A Tribute to Norman Billingham on his Seventieth Birthday

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  • A Tribute to Norman Billingham on his Seventieth Birthday

    On behalf of the PDS community, itis with the greatest pleasure that weoffer our congratulations to NormanBillingham, and to thank him for hisdevotion, commitment and endeav-ours in promoting our journal to anever increasing number of the scien-tic fraternity. His achievements, dedi-cation and stewardship have taken ourjournal to new heights, a legacy to us,and the ever growing new generation

    of contributors and readers. His learned, commanding, courageous,

    Norman has contributed meritoriously to the eld of PolymerDegradation and Stabilisation: from fundamental basic researchto applied and industrially-oriented aspects. In delivering thisscientic wealth he has mentored and inspired scores of studentsand researchers many of whom are now the torch bearers and trailblazers in the eld.

    Norman has received many awards and accolades. His scholarlywork in science had put him at the centre of many of the activitiesof Societies, Councils and Committees in a variety of roles andresponsibilities. He is well known internationally for his leadingroles in PDDG, the MoDeSt Society, Standards Committee, the

    Thank you, Norman.

    Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect

    Polymer Degradation and Stability

    journal homepage: www.elsevier .com/locate /polydegstab

    Polymer Degradation and Stability 98 (2013) v0141-3910/$ see front matterhttp://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S0141-39steadfast and friendly nature has inspired many and is a beacon tofuture generations.

    To many of us Norman is both colleague and friend. Many moreknow Norman through his scientic work and publications orthrough his lectures at local and international meetings and confer-ences. Others recognise him through his contributions to learningand teaching in Creative art and humanities, as an acionado ofItalian opera and his intimacy with its language.10(12)00465-XJ.-L. Gardette, G.A. George, S. Al-MalaikaArts and Humanities research Council and EPSRC.It is very pleasing, and re-assuring, to have you as Honorary

    Editor-in-Chief for life.

    A Tribute to Norman Billingham on his Seventieth Birthday