A Tool for ICT in Education Caribbean Examinations Council Jan 2012

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<p>THE USE OF Technology IN education and best practices</p> <p>A Tool for ICTinEducationCaribbean Examinations CouncilJan 2012</p> <p>Digital students in an analog classrooms3ConnectednessCaribbean students socially interact in mobile and virtual worlds </p> <p>Caribbean identity in the age of facebook</p> <p>Social tribes: FB, myspace: 19,000+ friends</p> <p>Music genre tribes: homogenization of music and cultural forms reggae-&gt;reggaeton -&gt; rap</p> <p>Identity constituted by interpolating constructions of tribal affiliationmusicinteresttechnologydressNo longer limited by geographyWHAT IS IT</p> <p>INTEGRATION From play &amp; entertainment to learning &amp; discovery</p> <p>AuditorySpatialKinestheticInteractive skills for C21 jobsdrone pilots?</p> <p>CountryTotal FB UsersPenetration of PopulationAnguilla 6,940 47%Antigua and Barbuda 34,700 40%Barbados 110,100 38.54%Belize 50,180 15.95%British Virgin Islands 10,760 43.15%Cayman Islands 30,420 60.59%Dominica 17,080 23.46%Grenada 33,040 30.64%Guyana 88,440 11.82%Jamaica 534,480 18.77%Saint Kitts and Nevis 19,400 38.88%Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 41,680 39.99%St Lucia 39,180 24.35%Trinidad and Tobago 406,740 33.10%Turks and Caicos Islands 14,760 62.73%Totals/Averages1,437,90035.26%Source: http://www.socialbakers.com/89Integrating technology into the curriculum encourages</p> <p>Teaching With Technology - Mathematics910Sources of ContentNational Open School of Trinidad and Tobago</p> <p>E-learning Project of Jamaica</p> <p>Teachers</p> <p>the one portal to bind them all</p> <p>12Visually Stimulating Content</p> <p>Map Reading</p> <p>SimulationsCape 2 Biology: Flash animation showing The Resting Potential</p> <p>Video and AudioCaribbean History: The connection between sugar and slaveryMusic: Motifs in the CaribbeanDynamic mappingGoogle map of Trinidad (you may drag the map around)</p> <p>Interactive tests allow for instant feedbackMath Quiz on Profit and Loss </p> <p>A note combined with an interactive testCSEC Human and Social Biology: Cells</p> <p>A Sample of Live Notesmaster Pages</p> <p>Notes SectionHOW IT WORKS</p> <p>Structured as the CXC Syllabus OutlineInteractive Testing</p> <p>Facilitates instant feedback on student performance</p> <p>My DESK Personalized Learning SpaceRegistration: You will be asked for the list of subjects you are registered </p> <p>From Notes you can add to my NotesFrom Your Desk you can also create your own notes. Which you can use for your own review MY DESK</p> <p>Insert your own class notesVideos and Images?QUESTIONS</p> <p>Join us on Facebook to find out more about Notesmaster and other ICT initiatives from </p> <p>Presented by Simone Pasmore and Jackie Niles-Squires24</p>


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