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My tongue-in-cheek Lightning Talk from Spectrum14. Our lightning talks are 20 slides in five minutes with each slide advanced automatically every 15 seconds.


  • 1.A Techcomm BestiaryBen WoelkRochester Chapter

2. And Now, For Something Completely Differenthttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/Monty_python_foot.png 3. Whats a Bestiary?Bestiary.ca 4. Method to my Madness 5. Madness to my Method?http://intercom.stc.org/2014/03/technical-authoring-skills-map-at-red-gate-software/ 6. What was I thinking?(aka, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here)http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/divinecomedy_271.jpg 7. The Editorhttp://curiousrambler.com/2012/10/14/palazzo-vecchio-sailing-tortoises-and-a-ufo/ 8. The ConsultantBritish Library, Harley MS 4751, Folio 47r 9. The Project Managerhttp://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-clip-art-french-dictionary-page-seashells/ 10. The Documentation Team MemberKongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4, Folio47r 11. The ManagerBritish Library, Royal MS 12 C. xix, Folio 6r 12. The Agile Expert 13. The Marcom WriterKongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4, Folio 33v 14. The Information ArchitectKongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4, Folio29v 15. The Communication SpecialistKongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4, Folio60v 16. The Web DesignerKoninklijke Bibliotheek, KB, KA 16, Folio 130r 17. The MentorKongelige Bibliotek, Gl. kgl. S. 1633 4, Folio18r 18. The Content Curator 19. Disclaimer and Apologies Any similarity to realtechcommpractitioners is purelycoincidental. I really did think it was aclever idea. Initially! 20. Contact Info and Discredits Ben Woelk @benwoelk Ben.woelk@gmail.com Benwoelk.com I misused many sources in a way that wasnever imagined or intended by their creators. This presentation has nothing to do with theNiagara Escarpment. 21. Author Shockproofing Your Use of Social Media(Your Guru Guides), available at Amazon