A stronger dollar’snegativeeffectsonyourlife

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<ol><li> 1. SDOHBT 1%? -EI_/ _L| A Stronger Dollar's Negative Effects on your LifeTRADEFXDIRECT. COMI_. </li><li> 2. The strength of the US dollar can fluctuate but it has been known to increase in strength in very fewinstances when it has waned.,A '. :I? jut,-r_% I_.r.TRADEFXDIRECT. COM',I 1 </li><li> 3. Currently the US dollar is stronger as compared to most other major world currencies which can b e advantageous or disappointing.TRADEFXDIRECT. COM </li><li> 4. If your broker uses the US dollar as the base trading currency,you wouldwithout a doubt rejoice at a strongerdollar. l if % TRADEFXDIRECTCOM . i l t t </li><li> 5. Visitors to the US will find it hardVisitors to the US will get less for their foreigncurrency and unable to buy much with theirmoney.TRADEFXDIRECTCOM </li><li> 6. Those paid using a foreign currency will have a lower purchasing power when the dollar is stronger. Their cost of living will go up as compared to those who are paid in dollars,who will of course experience the opposite. 'lllj'mll~_llf. ll', l'': l? '! ;T: T '-.13,- f PX Lf'r3tt. l "' L. _:, ; TRADEFXDIRECT. COM / ' /"$7.7 ' J- . __r. A:4mEF: l- . .i-VJ .W , , ~ '. I" l 4 . </li><li> 7. Exports will SufferExporters stand the chance to makemore profits while foreigners buying American made goods will have topay more for the goods. </li><li> 8. Imports and exports often dictate the movement of the market.A stronger dollar may impact your trading positively ornegatively depending on the news. TRADEFXDIRECT. COM </li><li> 9. US companies abroad will sufferA stronger dollar will mean their profits once repatriated back home will be sig-niticantly lower.TRADEFXDIRECT. COM </li><li> 10. If the dollar remains strong,the said companies may seek ways to lower costs. The first thing a company will do when trying to lower costs is toreduce its workforce. TRADEFXDIRECT. COM </li><li> 11. This will no doubt affect the unemployment numbers which could affect thestock prices. The truth is that the strength of the dollar affects just about every economicissue that may in turn have an effect on the stock market.TRADE rx7lf l: ziir- lfE! ;El7[fLl. .aEllifiljflfliftTl. Ll. Ll T*EF*"IET' </li><li> 12. The link means that as much as these disadvantages seem far removed from thestock market. They may very well affect the movement ofthe market and in turn affect how you trade. ,/1.?cw :l~53xP; FXflail: </li><li> 13. As the dollar continues to grow,we can expect fluctuations in the tradingmarket because of the dollar's strength or weakness. TRADEFXDIRECT. COM </li><li> 14. Do you watch and track the dollar's strength?Tell us howyou do this in the comments section below. Jlfjm ./i .02 12* V;. '/ u y / A ,TRADEFxDIREcT. ooM F ' ' TTl7:744o. oa _ 2 l ,3/l </li><li> 15. il l| ' US MAKE YOU MONEYTRADEFXDIRECT. COMhanktbu</li></ol>