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A Strategic Refresh. Perspectives gathered from eight stakeholder meetings, Fall 2011. Meetings. 8 meetings at 6 locations 2 at All College Day with employees (3 questions plus values exercise) 6 at campuses/district with community members (3 questions) 98 participants. Results. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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A Strategic RefreshPerspectives gathered from eight stakeholder meetings, Fall 20118 meetings at 6 locations2 at All College Day with employees (3 questions plus values exercise)6 at campuses/district with community members (3 questions)98 participants

MeetingsCurrent assessment (mission)Advisement for future (vision)Values (values)ResultsCurrent assessment (mission)Advisement for future (vision)Values (values)ResultsWhat makes you most proud to work at HCC?

All College DayTop TierStudent transformationQuality of academics/education

Tertiary TierQuality of colleagues

Proud *How do you view the college now?

Name the most significant strength that comes to mind and the area where we can do better?Community PerspectiveAccessible education (affordable, geographic dispersal, course schedule, vertical entry points)Diversity & breadth of program offeringsArticulation Responsiveness to workforce/economic/community needRacial/ethnic/cultural diversityStrengthsTop TierTighten alignment of workforce offerings to business & industry needEnhance marketing

Tertiary TierExpand instructional deliveryImprove resources/facilitiesImprove advising/financial aidAreas to Do Better *What are the most significant educational needs HCC should fulfill in the community?(see email from Prof. Shnurr)All College DayWorkforce educationArticulation/accessStudent developmentCollege preparatoryEducational NeedsCurrent assessment (mission)Advisement for future (vision)Values (values)ResultsMoving forward, what should be the purpose of the college in the community?As informed by the responses to question #1, what should be the chief focus of the College on a 10 year horizon?Community PerspectiveEconomic catalyst of Tampa Bay with tightly aligned program matrix

Future Focus *Relevancy to changing needs of the communityStudent service & developmentFuture Focus (All College Day)What one piece of BIG ADVISE would you most want to share with President Atwater on the future direction of Hillsborough Community College?Community PerspectivesTop TierAlign program offerings to workforce/community needs

Tertiary TiersStudents firstEnhance marketingCommunity ServiceBaccalaureate degreeBig Advise *Current assessment (mission)Advisement for future (vision)Values (values)ResultsAcademic quality and integrityEducational student support servicesValues: Most importantCreative delivery of instructional programs(often mentioned is collapsing this value with Academic quality & integrity)Values: dont belong/redundantProfessional developmentSustainabilityStudent successCustomer serviceValues: Not representedA Strategic RefreshPerspectives gathered from eight stakeholder meetings, Fall 2011