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A special audit project. What are the costs and benefits of education? Purpose: -reach out to youngsters and involve them in the research process -use (and experiment with) social media -join the perception of youngsters with the final report. 1. Use of Facebook during the audit process. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



1A special audit projectWhat are the costs and benefits of education?

Purpose:-reach out to youngsters and involve them in the research process-use (and experiment with) social media-join the perception of youngsters with the final report

1Occasion: -200th anniversary of the Netherlands Court of Audit (NCA)-lesson (Education Newspaper) for secondary school students with a competition: What would you like to see audited by the NCA?

2Use of Facebook during the audit processFB as a suitable medium

Hidden page

Multiple purposes

2We've experimented al lot during this audit project. I'd like to bring 2 examples under your attention.So, one of our social media experiments was the use of FB during the audit process. As mr. Verwaayen said the day before yesterday, one of our challenges in this audit project was to be interactive with our audience. We wanted to involve the high school students who won the competition in our audit process and we thought of FB as the right medium to do so. Many youngsters are still on FB nowadays and it is also a platform with many possibilities to share and discuss content. Therefore, we made a 'hidden page' on FB, a special project page, for which we also invited other youngsters, such as university students, trade union students and young members of political parties. The main reason to hide the page was to create an athmosphere of confidentiality, which our results normally are during the audit process and also to create a safe place for youngsters (and for ourselves as well) to discuss freely about the content.We had multiple purposes with this advisory board of youngsters. First, we wanted to ask them what they really wanted to know about the costs and benefits of education, in order to sharpen our research questions. Second, we wanted to ask for their experiences with the subject-matter, such as school costs. Third, we wanted them to get insight in how auditprocesses usually go. And fourth, we wanted to give them the opportunity of co-creation of our final reports. We asked them for example with the use of polls how they'd like to receive the audit results and which results they want to discuss at our publication event.

3Adapting products to the audience: NCA-app

Bring in fun & interaction

Main results on your smartphone


3Our second example is the use of an app, which was specially built for this audit project. At publication day, we launched several digital products with a special event for youngsters, collegues, experts and members of parliament. We wanted the launch event to be informal and interactive, so we developed an app to help us with the interactive part. We also thought it would be fun for the students to have a digital gadget (some sort of souvenir) of the audit project, and we found an easy way to create that. At the start of the event, we asked the visitors to download the app. Inside the app they could find the main audit results, a calculating tool, some infographics, a Twitter and Instagram feed and some questions to be answered during the event itself. We think it was a great succes, because we got a lot of positive comments and over a 300 downloades, which was 3-4 times more than people at the event.

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