A Simple Checklist for a Successful Kid's Birthday Party

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  • A Simple Checklist for a Successful Kid's Birthday Party

    Birthdays are special occasions for kids, and there isn't a parent around who doesn't want her kid's birthday party to be fun and memorable. However it's almost never a good idea to wing it. Even though cake, presents, and having some friends over will go a long way towards making things work in and of itself, a little planning and a simple checklist will surely help you in throwing that perfect party.

  • One of the most important things you can do is remember that it's the child's party. While this sounds simple, it never hurts to get feedback. You might find that you're thinking cotton candy machine, but they would prefer a popcorn machine. What type of magic tricks would your kid want? What Type of games?

    Know What the Celebrant Wants

  • After this come the decorations. Choose a theme your child actually loves. Dinosaurs? Disney? Princesses? See what really excites them and build decorations around that theme to really create a memorable setting.

    Party Decorating

    The next step is of course snacks and the birthday cake. Themed cakes are always good, and let the birthday boy or girl choose the flavor and frosting. That's going to make them happy, but don't hold out until dinner; serve some snacks and treats for before supper.

    Party Snacks and Cake

  • Make sure there are games, movies, and other entertainment set up for everyone. A birthday party can be hectic, so if everyone is watching a MAGIC show, enjoying a moon bounce, or watching a movie on TV then they're going to be much easier to keep in a spot for a short time as you run around to take care of the details.

    Party Entertainment

  • Party Loot Bags

    Don't forget the gift bags! Even a small little bag with a name tag, some decorations, and a few candies for each friend who comes over can go a long way towards making them feel special and welcome as well, which is a great way to make sure everyone is happy. Ask your kid what he wants for her birthday Use a fun theme your child loves Prepare snacks your kids guests would enjoy Entertain the guests with games , magic tricks, or movies Pack gift bags for your kids guests


  • Follow these tips and you will be sure to throw the type of birthday party your kids will love, and make the type of memories they will cherish long after the party is over.

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