a quick introduction to.... what is comic life? comic life is a comic desktop publishing program...

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A quick introduction to...

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A quick introduction to...

What is Comic Life?Comic Life is a comic desktop publishing program designed to create comic strips or arrange photos into a scrapbook

Why Comic Life?Fun!Easy to learnReadingWritingEasy to rememberEngagingInspires Creativity

Thinking Skills and Personal CapabilitiesManaging InformationThinking, Problem-SolvingBeing CreativeWorking with othersCommunicationUsing ICTDecision makingSelf Management

History RequirementsChronological AwarenessDifferent PerspectivesCritical ThinkingCreative ThinkingContinuity and ChangeCause and Effect

English RequirementsExpress meaning, feelings and viewpointsInterpreting visual stimuliCritically analyse textPunctuation and grammarConvey information creativelyDevelop ability to use languageWriting in a different mediumContact...

www.facebook.com/[email protected]

Creative Media Facilitator: Matthew McAleer [email protected] Manager: Emma McDermott - [email protected]


Create a comic (of at least 2 pages) telling the story of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement

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