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Professional Ethics


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2. 3. GROUP MEMBERS AFTAB SP-09-CE-144 EJAZ SP-09-140 4. 5. SEQUENCE 6. What is Ethics ? 7. Ethics 8. Thevaluesan individual uses to interpret whether any particularactionorbehavioris considered acceptable or appropriate. ETHICS 9. Need: Good life 10. Islamic law ( SHARIAH) 11. What is Islam? 12. Islamic law ( Shariah ) 13. Basic principle for social conduct NO HARM OR RECIPROCATING HARM 14. Potential ICT related harm 15. 16. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Remember the human Communication on the Internet does not replace/ substitute normal contact. 17. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Dont abuse your new found anonymity Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life. 18. Spying and Backbiting Ethics and Netiquette 19. Netiquette Respectpeople's time and bandwidth Avoid chain emails; large attachments; Use a subject that defines your email;Always read FAQs (discussion lists). 20. Relaying of unfounded information Ethics and Netiquette 21. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Avoid sloppy language/ grammar Dont use ALL CAPS (which denotes shouting) Easy on the exclamation marks!!!! Avoid using short forms in formal communication 22. Respect Ownership Ethics and Netiquette Respect/ acknowledge intellectual property 23. Using someones property unjustly Ethics and Netiquette 24. Copy/ share/ modify/ sell rights Ethics and Netiquette All Rights Reserved Some Rights Reserved Creative Commons 25. Creative Commons Ethics and Netiquette ( by:Attribution) ( sa:Share-alike) ( nd:No derivates) ( nc:Non-commercial) 26. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Respect other people's privacy 27. Privacy and Confidentiality 28. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Dont abuse the power entrusted to you 29. Fulfilling trust 30. Netiquette Ethics and Netiquette Protect your Haya (modesty) See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Do No Evil Live An Online Life OfTaqwa ! Taqwa (Parable): Protecting Ones Self On A Thorny Path 31. Man is accountable 32. Code of Ethics 33. General Moral Imperatives 34. How to acquiregood ethics 35. 1.Learning about knowledge 36. What is true knowledge 37. 2)Company of pious people 38. SUMMARY 39. 40. Aao Hum Ik Shehar Basaein Live in such a way that you would not be Ashamed to sell your parrot to thetown gossip. 41.