a powhatan man who were the first people who lived in virginia? prehistoric camp site they were...

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Slide 2 A Powhatan man Slide 3 Who were the first people who lived in Virginia? prehistoric camp site They were Native Americans, or American Indians. Slide 4 Native Americans, often called American Indians, came from Asia to America across what is now the Bering Sea, during the last great Ice Age. They settled across all of Virginia thousands of years ago. The Alaskan Tundra today, close to where the first Americans crossed from Asia several thousand years ago. The Bering Strait Slide 5 They settled all over Virginia, as well as all over North and South America. This is a drawing by John Smith of Indians hunting from a canoe, as well as on land,in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Slide 6 Native Americans living in the Tidewater area of Virginia around 1600 spoke Algonquian (Algonkian) languages. What were the names of some of the tribes? Tidewater region Slide 7 Accomack Chickahominy Mattaponi Nansemond Pamunkey Potomack Powhatan An original map of Virginia An original drawing by John Smith of a Powhatan village These tribes lived in Tidewater and spoke Algonquian: Slide 8 These tribes ate seafood and raised vegetables. They hunted birds and deer for meat. They lived in houses made from plant and animal parts. Slide 9 In the piedmont region of Virginia, tribes spoke Siouan languages. The Piedmont region An arrow for hunting fish Corn tassels Slide 10 What were the names of some of the tribes in the Piedmont region, who spoke Siouan languages? Slide 11 Here are some of these tribes, who lived in the Piedmont and spoke Siouan languages: Using a weir to catch fish in a river A stone bowl Appomattuck Manahoac Saponi Mahyssan Tutelo Monacan Occaneechi Slide 12 What was life like in a Monacan village, in the Piedmont Region, where Native Americans spoke a Siouan language? Slide 13 The Monacans were an agricultural (farming) people who grew the "Three Sisters" crops of corn, beans and squash, as well as a wide variety of other foods, including sunflowers, fruit trees, wild grapes and nuts. Slide 14 They lived in villages with palisade (fort) walls, and their homes were dome-shaped structures of bark and reed mats. A Monacan dwelling, made from poles, bark, and animal skins. Slide 15 These Monacan ancestors hunted deer, elk and buffalo, and they would leave their villages every year to visit hunting camps known to have plenty of game. Slide 16 The Monacans also buried their dead in mounds, a tradition that makes them different from neighboring Indian nations. mounds Slide 17 Throughout the Piedmont and mountain regions, thirteen known mounds have been identified and many excavated. mounds Slide 18 In these mounds, archaeologists have found interesting information about the lives of these First Americans, whose ancestors inhabited our region for more than 10,000 years. Slide 19 There was a tribe in the Allegheny (Appalachian) Plateau. This tribe was called the Cherokee. The Allegheny (Appalachian) Plateau Slide 20 A Cherokee chief The Cherokee spoke an Iroquoian language. An early drawing of some Cherokee people Slide 21 They lived in homes of wooden frames covered with vines and of saplings (small trees) covered with clay. They lived in small communities, often in small valleys by rivers. Slide 22 Each village had a council house where ceremonies and tribal meetings were held. The council house was seven-sided to represent the seven clans of the Cherokee: Bird, Paint, Deer, Wolf, Blue, Long Hair, and Wild Potato. Slide 23 Each tribe elected two chiefs -- a Peace Chief who counseled during peaceful times and a War Chief who made decisions during times of war. A modern Cherokee man Slide 24 However, the Chiefs did not rule absolutely. Decision making was a more democratic process, with tribal members having the opportunity to voice concerns. A modern-day Cherokee man Slide 25 So we know that American Indians lived all over Virginia. They spoke three kinds of languages and had diverse (different) cultures. Thank you for watching my show. Peace to you and your tribe, Mrs. Wooding


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