a night i will never forget

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A night I will never forget

A night I will never forget

One night, my mother and I were watching a horror movie, when we heard a noise in the other room.

We did not paid attention because it was raining and there was such a strong wind that we thought that the noises were caused by the weather conditions. A few minutes later, we heard a strange and loudly sound. We shouted and decided to go to the living room to see what the problem was. When we went to the living room, we saw letters in the wall. They were written in blood and said: Look behind you, we turned but we saw nothing. Then we heard the noise again, upstairs.

We were very frightened and screamed. We went upstairs and when we opened the door we saw a shadow and then a ghost. We shouted and the ghost disappeared.

It was a night that neither my mother nor I will never forget.

Day Iparraguirre