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Presentation by Jurgens van der Merwe at ZaCon 2 in 2010. This presentation is about Selenium, a browser automation framework and its applications in web reconnaissance. Examples of using Selenium with facebook are discussed.


  • 1. Jurgens van der Merwe (jurgens@sensepost.com) Junior analyst with SensePost Interests: Information Security Innovative Technologies Music Skateboarding etc
  • 2. Purpose Interface Speed Value Attack surface Complexity
  • 3. Purpose Interface Speed Value Attack surface Complexity
  • 4. Browser Automation Framework for Testing Web Applications Consists of 3 parts : Selenium IDE Selenium Remote Control Selenium Grid For this talk we will focus on the core library and functionality of Selenium Framework
  • 5. Automation The ability to trigger sequential events without the need of manual interaction Harvesting The ability to gather large datasets of common objects over a period of time Extraction The ability to extract key elements from an entity in order to obtain valuable information regarding a specic target
  • 6. Over 700 billion minutes a month = 19865 lifetimes
  • 7. Behind the Sannie experiment Purpose Showing that bots can act like humans too. Goal Following logical pathways to mimic human interaction. Demo
  • 8. The mass friendship harvest Purpose Harvest user relationships Goal Determining the theory behind: { friends of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend. }
  • 9. The Facebook Proler Purpose Creating my own personal address book Goal Extracting user information from facebook proles Demo
  • 10. Web Simulator Supports various browsers like Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera Safari Internet Explorer Interacts with the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • 11. Latency!!! Super fast ZA internet. Having to wait for the web element to be completely constructed within the DOM. Complexity of the application Understanding the logic behind the application.
  • 12. Selenium is a cool technology for interacting with any Web 2.0 application. Impersonates human-like interaction with a web application by following logical paths. Ability to rely on the browsers DOM rather than the source of a web page when extracting information. Allow you to actually see the browser execute your code and navigate through the targeted application. The ability to test the functionality of the web application through various browsers.
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