a new kind of war

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11.2 Notes. A New Kind of War. I. Stalemate on the Western Front. Failures of the Schlieffen Plan Russia mobilized more quickly than expected British joined French forces Germany defeated in 1 st Battle of the Marne Both sides dug trenches to protect troops Stalemate lasts four years. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A New Kind of War

A New Kind of War11.2 NotesI. Stalemate on the Western FrontFailures of the Schlieffen PlanRussia mobilized more quickly than expectedBritish joined French forcesGermany defeated in 1st Battle of the MarneBoth sides dug trenches to protect troopsStalemate lasts four yearsII. Technology of WWIThe Western Front

Trench Warfare

QuestionsWhat kinds of problems and conditions do you think people in the trenches had to deal with?Write you answer in your notes

No Mans Land

Machine Gun




Poison Gas


Fighting Overseas in Colonies

III. Battle on Other FrontsRussia losses on the Eastern FrontRussia was least industrialized and poorly equippedLosses more devastating on Eastern Front due to more mobile battle linesThe Eastern Front

III. Battle on Other Fronts cont.Ottoman Empire joins central powersTurks cut off Russia in the Dardanelles a straight connecting the Black Sea and Mediterranean T.E. Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia fought guerrilla war vs. the Turks


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