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<ul><li> 1. Walter Kasper is 70 years old (Husband) </li></ul> <p> 2. Millie Kasper Is 25 Years Old (Wife) 3. Dixon Kasper Is 26 Years Old (Nephew) 4. Cecilia Leonora is 30 Years Old (Private Detective ) 5. The story is based in London, and is about Walter Kasper he is a rich, old property tycoon. He still works over 60 hours a week. He is married to a beautiful young lady called Millie Kasper who is 25 years old. Walter Kasper is mentoring his nephew Dixon Kasper in the property business. Dixon, who is 26 and from Brighton, is currently staying with Walter in London. 6. Dixon Kasper falls in love with Millie Kasper. One day Walter come home earlier than normal to find them drinking and laughing together. Walter Kasper begins to notice that they are becoming more and more affectionate with each other. He becomes suspicious calls a private detective Cecilia Leonora to find out the truth. 7. Walter Kasper wants to find out whether his wife Millie Kasper is being faithful to him. This is hard for him to discover as he works so many hours and is rarely home. 8. Mia-Producer Ciara-Camera Mansour-Editor Tilly-Director BJ-Editor 9. The possible locations that we will use are: South Bank Coffee Shop ( Starbucks in Camden) Brick Alleyway Penthouse apartment We are also planning to film in the rain. 10. Filming days would be Monday Afternoons, Wednesdays and Fridays. We havent set a date for our first shoot. 11. We are planning to ask Performing Arts students to act in it. We have had a meeting with the Performing Arts Department but have yet to cast. 12. We have chosen to write a script instead of using a storyboard. The script is currently in production and all team members contributing it and Tilly being the main team member responsible for it. 13. Clothing will mostly be black grey other dull colours. The clothing will also be more modern to keep it up to date with the times. It will also be more accessible. Hats will also be needed for the males. </p>