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A Man on The Moon. John F. Kennedys Speech on Moon Flight Historical Background By Julien Neals. Summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • A Man on The MoonJohn F. Kennedys Speech on Moon Flight Historical BackgroundByJulien Neals

  • SummaryJohn F. Kennedy gave his speech on Moon Flight on September 12, 1962. The president was telling the WHOLE WORLD that the United States of America will be the FIRST to send a man to the Moon. He wanted his countrys support so we could have this important event as a part of our American history.

  • The ReasonThis speech was written to show the world that we can do the unthinkable by sending a man to the Moon. He showed the world that he was thinking outside the box. He was thinking it would be extraordinary if this was a success. He put his heart and Can Do Spirit in this document because he wanted the financial support of the people.

  • The 35th President of AmericaThe person who wrote this document was President John F. Kennedy. He gave the speech in Houston, Texas in 1962. The President made the decision that America would take on the challenge to be the first country to get a man on the moon.

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