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<p>PowerPoint-Prsentation</p> <p>because our original mind and Heart will be emptyIf we have not grown in our ability to love we will die with nothing 1</p> <p>Our Hearts need to be stretched out so that more people can find a place in them This in turn makes our own lifericher2</p> <p> Let us reach out to each otherfrom the bottom of our Hearts3</p> <p>If we focus on the Heart we can go beyond any difficulty because we will deal with any situation from the standpoint of True Love4</p> <p>Our truegreatness isdetermined</p> <p>by the inner size of our Heart 5</p> <p> If our Heart does not grow we miss out on the most basic</p> <p> point in life6</p> <p>Let us build many bridges from our Heart right into</p> <p> the Heart of our fellow human beings7</p> <p> The most precious gift we can offer to others is to g i v e our Love and sincere Heart 8</p> <p> Let us communicate with our Hearts</p> <p> and </p> <p> look at every situation from such a standpoint 9</p> <p>Unity among people allows Love to flow freely without being blocked by closed Hearts10</p> <p>Breaking down the shells around our Hearts allows us to absorb the Love offered to us11</p> <p>Only True Love opens the inner door to another persons Heart12</p> <p>Going beyond in our ability to love opens up N E Wrealms in our own Heart LIMITATIONS13</p> <p> The Heart needs to open first before being able to experience True Love14</p> <p> Through investing our L O V I N G Heartwe experience our unique value15</p> <p> in our Heart True Love ignites N E W L I F E REVIVING our spirit 16</p> <p> Let us see the shining sun </p> <p> in</p> <p>each others Heart 17</p> <p> True Love spursus on to reach our individual perfection or maturity of Heart18</p> <p>A True Heart moves us </p> <p>our Love</p> <p> upon others like a waterfall to P O U Rout19</p> <p> Whenever we really love S O M E O N E we want to serve this person and offer our heartfelt support in order to see him or her happy20</p> <p>Going beyonda situationwhere we cant love as we would like to bringsliberation to our Heart and peace to our mind21</p>