A look into Deaf Educations history around the world.

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  • A look into Deaf Educations history around the world.
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  • Ancient Egypt and Greece Egypt honored deaf people and believed gods blessed them with deafness Ancient Greeks honored spoken Greek. Anyone who couldnt speak were considered Barbarians
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  • First Teachers of Deaf: Spain 1520- Ponce De Leon developed a manual alphabet 1550- Licenciado Lasso theory opposes Aristotle; believes deaf can learn
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  • Early Teachers of Deaf 1550- Geronimo Cardano- Italian who taught his deaf son through writing and home signs. 1615- Manuel Ramirez de Carrion- develops method of education with speech.
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  • Methods are Growing 1620-Juan Pablo Martin Bonets method is published. 1783- Braidwood method is developed (manual/sign)
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  • Schools for the Deaf 1778 Samuel Heinicke- Opened the first deaf institution in Leipzig, Germany. Used an oral/aural method of instruction. 1762- Abbe' de l'pe opens first free public school for the deaf in France. Which 2 countries believed in oral method? Which 2 countries believed in manual?
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  • Schools in America 1817- American School for the Deaf established 1857- Edward Miner Gallaudet helps establish Columbia Institution for the Deaf and Blind in Washington, DC
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  • Rise of the Oral/Audio Method 1867- Clarke School for the Deaf. First Deaf school to promote Oral/Audio Method. Alexander Graham Bell- Opposed Sign Language
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  • International Conference devoted to Deaf Education Oral/Audio vs. Manual Method Decision: Pure Oral Method is deemed better than Sign Language. Sign Language is now banned. Dark Age of Deaf Culture National Association of the Deaf is established Milan Conference of 1880
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  • https://youtu.be/4DcFC5lcXbs?list=PLaZPxGbN8c V_GUM5s8zpoHWw74X7QDkL1 https://youtu.be/4DcFC5lcXbs?list=PLaZPxGbN8c V_GUM5s8zpoHWw74X7QDkL1 https://youtu.be/OtsYVeRuBuw?t=3m45s Deaf President Now (DPN) Write the 4 demands of the protesters.
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  • Signed Exact English (SEE) Morphemic Signed English (MSE) Cued Speech Total Communication Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE) Also known as Pidgin Signed English (PSE) or Contact Sign. ASL signs with English grammar Write the names and definitions of each Sign English System Signed English Systems